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May 08, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 18

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Gary Player Cover - Sports Illustrated May 08, 1961

May 08, 1961

May 08, 1961 | Ray Cave

May 08, 1961 | Tex Maule
Warren Spahn of the Braves, age 40, pitched his second no-hit game last week. Photographer Mark Kauffman was there and caught these batter's-eye views, including one of the bat cutting through...

May 08, 1961
Out of the thousands of athletes participating in relay track meets last week came two sprinters and a pole vaulter whose performances were Olympian

May 08, 1961
Our traditional coverage of the Kentucky Derby includes an analysis of the 87th running of the classic by Whitney Tower and color photographs by Jerry Cooke and John Zimmerman.

May 08, 1961
Over the sand and through the sage the thundering hoof beats sound—no posse, but fox chasers with horse and hound. These pink-coated riders of the purple sage, hearkening to "gone away," are...

May 08, 1961 | Alfred Wright

May 08, 1961 | Donald S. Connery
The 1964 Games are still three years away, but the Japanese, who want to put on the best show ever, already have mastered many of the problems of staging the world's largest carnival

May 08, 1961
All limes are E.D.T.

May 08, 1961 | Gerald Holland

May 08, 1961 | William Leggett
Bill Hartack's luxurious bachelor quarters in Florida reflect the independent spirit for which he is famous and his own developing tastes in interior decoration

May 08, 1961 | George Walsh
Viscous alleys and logs in the Pinspotters make the Petersen a frustrating tournament, but the money can't be beat

May 08, 1961 | Whitney Tower
There still is no clear favorite for this I Saturday's 87th Kentucky Derby. Last week's two prep races did not clarify the picture. An 11-to-l shot, Sherluck, won the 1⅛-mile Blue Grass Stakes by...

May 08, 1961 | Edmund Stevens
An aging champion created a new training technique to recover the fire of youth—and his title

May 08, 1961 | Jo Ahern Zill
Emilio Pucci Becomes the first European to win the Sporting Look Award, while New York's Jeanne Essig is selected as the Designer of the year

May 08, 1961 | Maury Allen
Two wins by wily Frank Lary (4-0), including his 24th against the Yankees, kept the at the top. The Yanks had first Stopped Detroit's winning streak at eight (longest in 12 years), but newcomers...

May 08, 1961
BASKETBALL—New York County District Attorney Frank Hogan, after a long silence, accused nine more players of being involved in the latest basketball scandal. Named were: Frank Majewski, John Egan...

May 08, 1961
Cover—Art Rickerby-Pix11—A.P. (2), Richard Clarkson22—George Honeycutt and Jeep Hunter23—Neil Leifer28—Phil Bath, James Drake29—Art Shay36—Lou Witt37—George Silk-LIFE42—drawings by Marc...

May 08, 1961
WOMBSTERSSirs:Before I read Robert Boyle's clinical report on hot rods (The Car Cult from Rumpsville, April 24) I told myself the pleasure which I derived from building, tuning and driving our...

May 08, 1961
High schooling

May 08, 1961
In Great Britain through May

May 08, 1961 | Bettina Blackford
? What stable has had the most Kentucky Derby winners?

May 08, 1961 | Maury Allen
Hank Greenberg was expected to top a home run record that day, but it became a pitcher's game