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May 15, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 19

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Cookie Lavagetto Cover - Sports Illustrated May 15, 1961

May 15, 1961
Seasoned beginners

May 15, 1961

May 15, 1961
Mary Rose, Lubbock (Texas) H.S. sophomore who says she can't run sprints, concentrated on the other events in international track meet at Mexico City, won the 220-yard dash, 80-meter hurdles, high...

May 15, 1961
All times are E.D.T.

May 15, 1961 | Whitney Tower

May 15, 1961 | John O'Reilly
A rugged Secretary of the Interior puts a posse of investigators in helicopters to visit remote and threatened Rainbow Bridge

May 15, 1961 | John O'Reilly
Thus one conservation official characterized the various proposals for protecting Rainbow Bridge (2) from the waters impounded by Glen Canyon Dam (1). As the over-all map shows, Lake Powell (named...

May 15, 1961 | Alfred Wright
Girl watching and gambling were as much a part of the show as the golf at Las Vegas' Tournament of Champions. Then along came Sam Snead and attention, at least for a moment, was focused on the game

May 15, 1961
As summer approaches, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents a special 30-page supplement on beaches that includes:

May 15, 1961
Not so many months ago Tommy Bolt was making his typically temperamental splash on the professional golf circuit. There was his memorable 18th hole in the National Open at Cherry Hills Country...

May 15, 1961

May 15, 1961 | Walter Bingham

May 15, 1961 | Huston Horn
When the president of Firestone Tire & Rubber is not seated at a desk, he's astride a horse—except for one day each year, when his perch is a stack of racing tires at the Indianapolis '500'

May 15, 1961 | Charles Thayer

May 15, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin
Pete Rademacher came to town to wheel, deal and get kayoed. He may also have got 'middled'

May 15, 1961 | Ray Cave
A bumptious millionaire from Detroit builds a jet boat to win back his own trophy

May 15, 1961 | Charles Goren
"The 10th world bridge championship in Buenos Aires was barely finished before the usual debates over the relative merits of bidding systems began. To this observer, the point is clear: systems...

May 15, 1961 | Jack Olsen

May 15, 1961 | Jack Olsen
In Part II Hurley finds a new tiger, teaches him how to box and gets him a big-money fight with Rocky Marciano.

May 15, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf
The Willie Mays put on a superb show of speed and savvy in a 4-2 victory over the Phillies. He was on first when Orlando Cepeda got a hit-and-run single to . Mays flashed past second and toward...

May 15, 1961
BASKETBALL—UNITED STATES wound up its tour of Russia with four more victories, defeated the Soviet national junior team 110-80, a hand-picked squad 98-83, both in Kiev, the Riga Daugava team...

May 15, 1961
11—sketch by Bill Charmatz13—Marvin E. Newman, A.P., Jimmy Banks24—Louisville Courier-Journal25—Jerry Cooke26—J. R. Eyerman-LIFE27—map by Bill Bernstein36, 37—Associated Newspapers38, 43—Art...

May 15, 1961
TALE OF TWIN CITIESSirs:Let's face it. It's men like Walter Bingham who perpetuate the old romantic idea of a feud between the Twin Cities (No Feud like an old Feud, May 1). One may certainly find...

May 15, 1961 | Maury Allen
? How are ties decided in track events?

May 15, 1961 | Mary Vanaman O'Gorman
A daring young Frenchman on a flying trapeze floated into the vocabulary of the world