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May 29, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 21

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 29, 1961

May 29, 1961
Mrs. John Rathmell won Texas women's golf title after two previous losses as a finalist. This year she developed a muscle spasm in her back, was given 14-day postponement by opponent Wanda...

May 29, 1961
All times are E.D.T.

May 29, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen

May 29, 1961 | Ray Cave

May 29, 1961 | Whitney Tower
Carry Back's Preakness victory gave him the second leg of his Triple Crown, while Bowl of Flowers' Acorn triumph was her first in the filly competition. Both were gritty, come-from-behind stretch...

May 29, 1961 | William Leggett
Exactly one hour before Carry Back was put into the starting gate at Pimlico to go after the second leg of his Triple Crown, a dashing young filly named Bowl of Flowers entered the gate at New...

May 29, 1961 | Alfred Wright

May 29, 1961
The U.S. college track season, which has already produced three world records, may be the best ever. From Modesto, Calif. and New York City: reports on the year's top performers.

May 29, 1961
Last week, after nearly three months of continuous play on 40 specially built lanes in Detroit's huge, splendiferous Cobo Hall, the American Bowling Congress wound up its 58th annual tournament...

May 29, 1961 | Del Miller
Harness racing drew more than 15 million patrons last year. For those who have followed it since county fair days, this is simple justice. Graceful gaited horses pulling delicately fashioned...

May 29, 1961 | Walter Bingham
Jim Gentile is hitting home runs and winning games for the Orioles, but he may resume his war with water coolers if things go wrong

May 29, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin
That is the way Bill Nieder, the Olympic shotput champion, described his desolate, bewildered frame of mind before and during the ludicrous two minutes of his first professional fight

May 29, 1961 | Roger Williams
Short races and long rivalries marked the meetings of the best college crews in East and West

May 29, 1961 | Charles Goren
Talk of The General in contract bridge circles and everyone knows you are referring to General Alfred M. Gruenther, former head of NATO and now president of the American Red Cross. In the early...

May 29, 1961 | Gilbert Wheat

May 29, 1961

May 29, 1961
•Golfer Arnold Palmer, discussing his proposed new television show, in which he will play against outstanding golfers from around the globe: "It's going to be called Palmer against the world. I...

May 29, 1961 | Maury Allen
The lost three to the Dodgers, and the local Cassandras swung into action. They pointed a knowing finger at last year's record: 20-11 on the same date and an eventual fifth-place finish....

May 29, 1961
BASKETBALL—In a second expansion move the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION made a franchise available to Baltimore. The new team, which will play in the $14 million Baltimore Civic Center now under...

May 29, 1961
10—Houston Post, Ray Covey-Houston Post20—Martin Nathan24, 25—Jerry Cooke26—Jerry Cooke, Herb Scharfman28-34—Art Rickerby-Pix37-43—Pete Turner—Henrietta Brackman Associates53—Art...

May 29, 1961
CRIME...Sirs:Let's put the blame for the basketball fixes (SCORECARD, May 8) where it belongs. The "guilty men" are the players who took the money and the parents who think their coach is working...

May 29, 1961
Little league rodeo

May 29, 1961
Major tournaments through July 1

May 29, 1961 | Duncan Barnes
The Angler's Cove is a fishing tackle store that seems somehow out of place among the skyscrapers of Manhattan. It stands at 478 Third Avenue (near 33 Street), but its atmosphere is like the old...

May 29, 1961 | John Hanlon