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June 26, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 25

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Ernie Broglio Cover - Sports Illustrated June 26, 1961

June 26, 1961 | Alfred Wright

June 26, 1961 | Tex Maule

June 26, 1961
Peering down as intently as a myopic bookworm reading close print in a dark library, the passenger member of this Swiss sidecar motorcycle team seems to be interested only in a closer look at the...

June 26, 1961
If the sports celebrities assembled for this unique group portrait appear to be frozen in apprehension, it might be because Alfred Arthur Rouse, the Blazing Car Murderer, and George Joseph Smith,...

June 26, 1961
This two-headed monster, swathed in what looks like synthetic yak hide, is Marlin and Mike McKeever, the identical twins who were All-America football players at the University of Southern...

June 26, 1961 | Roger Price

June 26, 1961
Fiery Don Hoak is having his best year, but the Pirates are not the same "Beat 'Em Bucs" who won last year. Walter Bingham analyzes Hoak's success and Pittsburgh's troubles.

June 26, 1961
For the rider of jumping horses, every fence, every class and every show presents its special challenge. But the greatest of tests is Aachen in Germany, the scene this week of the Silver Jubilee...

June 26, 1961 | Herb Elliott
So says Herb Elliott, the Australian four-minute miler. In his autobiography, 'The Golden Mile,' which caused such a stir when it appeared in England (Thomas Nelson & Sons will publish the...

June 26, 1961 | Pamela Jeffrey
Gazpacho," Alice B. Toklas was told in a Seville bookstore during one of her trips with Gertrude Stein, "is eaten in Spain only by peasants and Americans." The writer and her friend had tried this...

June 26, 1961 | Roy Terrell
For the first time in 40 years, the collegiate championships were held on the Atlantic seaboard. Seven records later, everyone—or almost everyone—conceded it wasn't such a bad idea after all

June 26, 1961 | John Lovesey
At Le Mans, America's Phil Hill won his second 24-hour race—the last for prototype cars

June 26, 1961 | Huston Horn
Cornell was close, Navy was lost as the Golden Bears won their second straight IRA championship

June 26, 1961 | Charles Goren
A few days before last month's Indianapolis 500-mile auto race, Rodger Ward, winner in 1959 and second in 1960, was visibly nervous. His trouble, however, was not the forthcoming race. He was on...

June 26, 1961

June 26, 1961
•Nate Dolin, a vice-president of the Cleveland Indians, trying to find a happy note in the sagging attendance (down more than 100,000 from 1960) at Indian home games at Municipal Stadium:...

June 26, 1961 | Gerald Holland

June 26, 1961
Bob Sandler, 42, of Des Moines, Iowa, a onetime tennis champion despite the loss of his right arm at age 11, became the first American to win the British Society of One-Armed Golfers title,...

June 26, 1961
BASEBALL—SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, with Jim Withers pitching, shut out Oklahoma State 1-0 in fifth game of series to become the first college to win three NCAA championships, in Omaha. The losing...

June 26, 1961
6—Des Moines Register (1)14—Art Shay15-17—Hy Peskin18, 19—A.P.22—U.P.I., Allan Grant-LIFE45—Art Rickerby-Pix46—A.F.P.-Gilloon47—A.P.52-58—Jerry Cooke61—A.P.62—Bettmann Archive64—John...

June 26, 1961 | Maury Allen
Little League graduate Joey Jay and big league rookie Ken Hunt shot the surprising back into first place. Jay's eighth consecutive win prompted his former boss, Phillies' GM John Quinn, who...

June 26, 1961
IN HARNESSSirs:One of the finest exhibitions of reporting I have ever read (Shep Tangles with the Boys, June 5). Everyone in Pennsylvania harness racing should realize the position in which they...

June 26, 1961
Where the girls are

June 26, 1961
All times are E.D.T.

June 26, 1961
Major stakes through July 4

June 26, 1961 | Gordon Ackerman
An 86-year-old Frenchwoman named Marie Marvingt has spent a lifetime courting adventure