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July 17, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 3

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Valeri Brumel Cover - Sports Illustrated July 17, 1961

July 17, 1961 | Carleton Mitchell

July 17, 1961 | Roger Williams
Once a good bet for the second division, Cincinnati has now won the respect of the doubters by knocking off its toughest pennant rival

July 17, 1961 | Tex Maule

July 17, 1961
The big event on Washington's Mount Baker every Fourth of July is the Slush Cup—a hybrid sport inspired by the pools of melted snow that gather on the ski runs. Dozens of Slush Cuppers schuss down...

July 17, 1961
There was more to watch than baseball at Yankee Stadium last week—but you had to be there to see it. During a double-header between New York and Detroit, a band of ardent Cubans leaped out of the...

July 17, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin

July 17, 1961
From Moscow Roy Terrell and Jerry Cooke report in words and pictures the biggest track news of 1961—the clash between the U.S. team and its equally strong Russian foes.

July 17, 1961
Once a summer at yacht clubs all over the U.S. there is a bright, frantic and very exhausting regatta called Race Week. The first one was held in mid-July at Marble-head, Mass. in 1890 and drew a...

July 17, 1961 | Dave Anderson

July 17, 1961 | Ken Rudeen
At bucolic Goshen Duke Rodney establishes himself as the early Hambletonian favorite

July 17, 1961

July 17, 1961 | Robert Cantwell

July 17, 1961
BOATING—Fuller Callaway's Morning Star was the first of the seven-boat field to finish the 3,571-mile race from California to Tahiti, less than three weeks after leaving Los Angeles. Handicap...

July 17, 1961
8—A.P. (3), D. Collin Selley-Bermuda News Bureau, George Thompson, William Stump12—Carleton Mitchell14, 15—Hy Peskin18, 19—Marshall Lockman-Black Star24—Robert Phillips27, 29—Lee Balterman36,...

July 17, 1961 | Maury Allen
At mid-point the season was full of surprises. The NL's consensus pick for sixth place, the Cincinnati Reds, threatened to run away from the field. The Detroit Tigers, relegated to the depths of...

July 17, 1961
GLORIOUS FOURTHSirs:Three cheers, a loud hurray and nine Roman candles for Dolly Connelly's An Old-fashioned Fourth (July 3)!

July 17, 1961
A family of fishes

July 17, 1961
Billie Jean Morfitt of Long Beach, Calif. combined with Karen Hantze from Chula Vista, Calif. to form unseeded doubles team in Wimbledon tennis, won the women's title by beating Margaret Smith and...