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July 31, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 5

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated July 31, 1961

July 31, 1961 | Roy Terrell
Only the logistics were bad as the U.S. continued its successful tour of Europe, making friends, overcoming fatigue and adding victories in Stuttgart and London to the big Moscow conquest

July 31, 1961
Even if she had not tangled her sulky's wheel with that of a rival, the European trotting champion Kracovie (No. 4) probably would not have won this race, but she might have pushed the remarkable...

July 31, 1961
"Down to the sea in ships" is a phrase used in the Bible to describe sailing. It perfectly fits a recent moment in one sailor's life. Shepperd Snaith was sailing his father's yawl Figaro III...

July 31, 1961
Peggy Lockett looked pretty enough to please almost everybody at the start of the cross-country event in a one-day trial near Middleburg, Va. To please everybody, that is, but her borrowed mount,...

July 31, 1961 | Rex Lardner

July 31, 1961
Baseball is man racing against a ball. It is a swift base runner scoring from first on a double, his desperate slide barely beating the shortstop's frenzied relay. It is an outfielder sprinting...

July 31, 1961
From Olympia Fields Country Club near Chicago, a report by Alfred Wright on Arnold Palmer's quest for the only major golf title he has never won: the PGA championship.

July 31, 1961 | George Munger

July 31, 1961 | George Munger
For 25 years, since he saw action himself as a football halfback and as an accomplished decathlon performer, George A. Munger has been preoccupied with the cause of fitness. After two seasons as...

July 31, 1961

July 31, 1961
•Don Meredith, Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, upon discovering that pass-catcher Cleveland (Smiley) Jones is three inches shorter than Eddie LeBaron's 5 feet 7: "I hope I can hit him. I've been...

July 31, 1961 | Huston Horn
A brash young Olympic champion gets his eighth straight professional victory, but shows little flair and less power

July 31, 1961 | M. R. Werner
Turning on his astonishing power, Kelso ran away with the last race in the handicap series

July 31, 1961 | Charles Goren
Since I am a lifelong bachelor, let me make it plain that this is not a commentary on what matrimony does for or to a bridge partnership. It is merely a chronicle of what happened at a recent...

July 31, 1961 | Pamela Jeffrey
There is no thirst so reliable as that provoked by exercise under the summer sun. It comes without fail to golfers on the fairway and to every tennis man who has seen honest action at the...

July 31, 1961 | Percy Knauth

July 31, 1961
Dawn Brown, 18, comptometer operator of Trenton, N.J., wheeled to senior ladies' singles title for fourth straight year in U.S. Amateur Roller Skating at Detroit, teamed with Eunice Prokop, also...

July 31, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf
Danny O'Connell, infielder, said, "Nobody denies the Yankees are a better club than we are. We've got to beat them with tricks." Then, with hardly a trick, Washington beat the Yankees in a...

July 31, 1961
BOATING—After winning the first two races in a week of 12-meter competition on Long Island Sound, Chandler Hovey's Easterner lost three races to Columbia and one to Weatherly. But with three...

July 31, 1961
6—Joe Clark, Bill Kuenzel-Miami Herald, Chiefton, A.P., Rose Photo, William F. Curron Jr.-Portland Press Herald9—drawing by Bill Charmatz10, 11—F.P.G., Hy Peskin (2)16, 28, 29—Art Rickerby-Pix30,...

July 31, 1961
CHAMPION?Sirs:As a longtime fan of Sonny Liston, I thoroughly enjoyed your article (Can't a Fellow Make a Mistake? July 17). I did, however, notice a dearth of facts concerning Liston's...

July 31, 1961
Blast in the snow

July 31, 1961 | Walter Bingham
If either Mantle or Maris hits 61 home runs this season, will he break Ruth's record? Herewith a straight answer to a hot question