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August 07, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 6

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Lisa Lane Cover - Sports Illustrated August 07, 1961

August 07, 1961 | Alfred Wright
Foul weather and worse tempers marred pro golf's biggest championship, but a trio of remarkable last-round putts and a steady hand in the playoff carried the day for Jerry Barber

August 07, 1961 | Gordon Ackerman

August 07, 1961
These ladies are guests of Lowell Thomas, who understandably is hiding elsewhere. Once a year Mr. Thomas opens his private golf course in Pawling, N.Y. to a group of golfing clubwomen at a time...

August 07, 1961
Radiomen, who never use it, claim that it means nothing at all. But to most teen-agers of the electronic age the only way to conclude anything is with the phrase "over and out." These two...

August 07, 1961 | William Leggett
This is the traditional boast of the pleasant upstate New York community whose magnificent racecourse holds its annual meeting in August, when New York City's tracks are closed. Here, horse and...

August 07, 1961 | Jack Olsen

August 07, 1961 | Don Moser

August 07, 1961
Vividly portraying the many moods of fishing, Photographer Pete Turner follows a fisherman through a day on a stream, showing his emotions as he lives in a world apart.

August 07, 1961 | Don Connery
Japanese Industrialist Genichi Kawakami and his designer, pretty Noriko Kondo, have built a roundboat to use as a party craft for leisurely eating, drinking or poetry reading

August 07, 1961 | Alice Higgins
New talent and old reliables, mostly female, gave brilliant performances at Lexington

August 07, 1961 | Martin Kane
For two years fly-fishermen have been worrying about what the big quake of '59 did to the Madison River. Here is the answer:

August 07, 1961 | Charles Goren
One of the most subtle arts of bridge is properly assessing the capability of your partner. There are, for example, two kinds of partners and two ways to signal in defensive play. You must match...

August 07, 1961 | Robert Cantwell

August 07, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf
Good pitching by Ray Sadecki, Bill Stafford, Don Schwall and Roland Sheldon has caused comment. Though all their names begin with S, the real point is that they are all youngsters between 20 and...

August 07, 1961
BASEBALL—The second American and National League ALL-STAR Game of the season, played in Boston's Fenway Park, ended in a 1-1 tie as rain ended play at the end of the ninth. The Tigers' Rocky...

August 07, 1961
8—A.P., Chicago Sun-Times, A.P. (2), Bob Smits, San Juan Star Photo by Suarez12—Pierre Guyot14, 15—Paris-Match25, 27—Marshall Lockman-Black Star36—K. Aizawa, John Launois-Black Star (2)41—Michael...

August 07, 1961
THE RIVERSirs:In its own way Robert Cantwell's piece (The River That Will Flow Forever, July 17) ranks with Hemingway's own famous story about the Two Hearted.PATRICK A. NUTTKennett Square, Pa.

August 07, 1961
All limes are E.D.T.

August 07, 1961
Ask the oldtimers at the Shenecossett Yacht Club in Groton, Conn, how Archie Chester built his 33-foot center-board sloop Grandma Sue and they'll tell you, "He eyeballed it." What they mean is...

August 07, 1961

August 07, 1961
•Ted Williams, now supposedly mellowing in retirement, on whether his bitter feuds with sportswriters had been exaggerated: "Hell, no."

August 07, 1961
Sheryl Smith of North Miami Beach, Fla. won 11-and-under singles title in the national girls tennis tournament at Chattanooga by beating Ann Roberts of Coral Gables, Fla., 6-1, 6-3 in finals, also...

August 07, 1961 | Rex Lardner
A poker quiz to test the knowledge of the male who plays, or is inveigled into playing, poker with ladies

August 07, 1961
Major events through August 12

August 07, 1961 | John Durant