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August 28, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 9

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John Sellers Cover - Sports Illustrated August 28, 1961

August 28, 1961
All limes are E.D.T.

August 28, 1961 | Robert H. Boyle
Never before in the history of baseball have so many players hit so many home runs. Not only are Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle threatening to break Babe Ruth's 34-year-old record but hosts of far...

August 28, 1961 | Roger Williams
You just smile and swim faster, according to Japan's Tsuyoshi Yamanaka, who got the better of Murray Rose in a most memorable competition

August 28, 1961
Britain's Wightman Cup Tennis team, standing at graceful attention for the playing of national anthems in Chicago, broke into girlish giggles when the P.A. system butchered The Star-Spangled...

August 28, 1961
These three Los Angeles Dodger fans looked forward to a little sporting mayhem as they settled into their seats at a Coliseum double-header last week. The competition was the Cincinnati Reds, a...

August 28, 1961 | Stirling Moss
Just before the Grand Prix of Germany and Europe on August 6, a confident Enzo Ferrari reportedly ordered one of his drivers, Phil Hill, to hold back so the other, Count Wolfgang von Trips, could...

August 28, 1961 | Whitney Tower

August 28, 1961
Major league experts at the double play, the split-second ballet on which pennant races turn, reveal the individualistic moves that have enabled them to become master infielders.

August 28, 1961 | Gerald Holland

August 28, 1961 | Martin Kane
Brazil's finest game fish, the dourado, puts up a wearing fight, but between rounds a fisherman can live in luxury at a fine hotel deep in a tropical forest against the backdrop of Iguaçú Falls

August 28, 1961 | Martin Kane
Getting there: Real-Brasilia Airlines has daily flights from Sao Paulo. DC-3s or Convairs take four or five hours, cost $66 round trip. Argentine Airlines flies DC-3s Monday, Wednesday, Friday...

August 28, 1961 | Jo Ahern Zill
Europe's boutiques beguile American buyers with sport clothes that exude the sparkle of France and the charm of Italy

August 28, 1961 | Emmett Watson
Mary Lowell, a sturdy 17-year-old who fired her father as pro, played daring golf last week to take the girls' championship

August 28, 1961 | Bob Hackett
With opinion divided about everything but the caliber of the contestants, the 36th renewal of America's classic trotting race should see a record race for a prize of $150,000

August 28, 1961 | Charles Goren
Once, when his partner asked him how he would have played a deal that had just been mutilated, Charles Loch-ridge answered, "Under an assumed name." It is no doubt fortunate that most published...

August 28, 1961 | Roy Terrell

August 28, 1961 | Maury Allen
With six weeks to go, three names were monopolizing attention in National and American League cities alike: Roger Eugene Maris, Mickey Charles Mantle and George Herman Ruth. Partially overlooked...

August 28, 1961
BOATING—In Europe's sequel to the Miami-Nassau powerboat race—156 miles from Cowes, Isle of Wight, to Torquay—British auto racing driver TOMMY SOPWITH (son of America's Cup challenger T.O.M....

August 28, 1961
8—A.P., Carl D. Smith, George Honeycutt-Charlotte News14—Neil Leifer15-17—Hans Knopf-Pix20, 21—U.P.I.28—Lee Balterman31—Jack Strayhorn41—drawing by Jack Kunz46, 47—Bob Peterson63—A.P.,...

August 28, 1961
FINGER ON THE ODDSSirs:We in CoSIDA (College Sports Information Directors of America) will be the first to admit that our resolution asking the communications media not to mention specific point...

August 28, 1961
Man, it's a kick!

August 28, 1961

August 28, 1961
•Early-day Rodeo Performer Dough-belly Price, comparing the big money of today's rodeos to the low prizes awarded when he was performing: "We seen the time that the sweat on a restaurant window...

August 28, 1961
Leo Hart, 12, Kinston (N.C.) Little League pitcher, hurled five straight no-hitters to lead team into state finals, then saw first bitter in championship game break streak by singling (Kinston...