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September 04, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 10

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated September 04, 1961

September 04, 1961 | Walter Bingham

September 04, 1961 | Robert H. Boyle
Yankee beater Frank Lary leads Detroit into New York as the Tigers again challenge for the league lead

September 04, 1961 | Emmett Watson
Anne Quast Decker won the Women's Amateur Championship by staying ahead all the way

September 04, 1961
After seeing Carry Back injured in the Belmont Stakes, pessimists predicted an end to the exciting career of the come-from-behind Kentucky Derby winner. But last week Carry Back (far left) proved...

September 04, 1961
There is apt symbolism in the sight of Alcatraz—"The Rock"—as backdrop for a swamped sailboat: they are both, in a sense, monuments to the folly of man. A sailboat isn't a trolley car, but it...

September 04, 1961 | Tex Maule

September 04, 1961
The modern treasure hunter is a skilled and serious workman who may start out looking for pieces of eight but is happy in the end if he manages to come home with a rusty cannon ball.

September 04, 1961 | William F. Talbert
In the classic eyes-right, eyes-left newsreel sequence, a tennis gallery seems to be viewing a game as monotonous as a metronome. Actually, tournament play provides a constantly changing spectrum...

September 04, 1961 | Herman Weiskopf

September 04, 1961 | Whitney Tower
Jaipur, Sir Gaylord and Ridan are only three of the top young colts expected to make this fall's 2-year-old races among the best ever

September 04, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin
So said Duke Kahanamoku after a long, losing battle in the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

September 04, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
That's the VW-1500, a fancier, faster car from Volkswagen that reflects German prosperity

September 04, 1961 | Alfred Wright

September 04, 1961 | Maury Allen
Winning streaks and losing streaks, firings and hirings, resignations and promotions, charges and countercharges, all merely meant that baseball was reacting as it always does in the exciting...

September 04, 1961
BASEBALL—In a dramatic finish EL CAJON (Calif.) defeated El Campo (Texas) 4-2 to win the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Monterrey (Mexico) defeated Hawaii 4-0 for third place....

September 04, 1961
16, 17—James Drake18, 19—Bob Peterson20, 21—Turfotos35—sketches by Frank Mullins38—Lee Bolterman41—A.P.44, 45—Paul Seaman-Hawaii Visitors Bureau46—Marvin E. Newman52—U.P.I. (2)53—Tom Dobson-Flin...

September 04, 1961
Danny Litwhiler, 45, onetime major leaguer now Florida State University baseball coach, collected 23 hits in 26 times at bat in state slow-pitch Softball at Cocoa, Fla., but announced retirement...

September 04, 1961
SEVEN-YEAR SWITCHSirs:I could not help viewing with a bit of whimsey the following from Ray Cave's piece (The Fresh Face of Sport, Aug. 21): "Seven years of professional golf saw the end of the...

September 04, 1961
The unsinkables

September 04, 1961

September 04, 1961
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September 04, 1961
Major tournaments through October 12

September 04, 1961 | Gerald Astor