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October 23, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 17

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Jon Arnett Cover - Sports Illustrated October 23, 1961

October 23, 1961 | William McHale
Before a forum full of frenzied fans in Rome a frenzied Italian team first plunged, then climbed to oust the U.S. from 1961 competition

October 23, 1961 | Henry Longhurst
U.S. professionals defeated the British in both foursomes and singles, but it took two days of superb golf by one of the best teams we have ever sent to England

October 23, 1961 | Henry Longhurst
Eight Scorch foursome matches on the first day; Sixteen singles matches on the second

October 23, 1961
Pittsburgh's new Public Auditorium, being dedicated here, is as high as a 12-story building, seats 13,000 for sporting events and its retractable steel dome is 415 feet across. Like a vast eye,...

October 23, 1961
Like an unconscious parody of Gertrude Stein, the races at Sandown Park in Victoria, B.C. recorded a monotonous rhythm on the photo-finish camera. In the fourth race on October 4 (far left)...

October 23, 1961 | Jim Brosnan

October 23, 1961
The Liberté, grand old lady of the French Line, retires from service in November. Joe David Brown salutes his favorite ship, and what he considers the last civilized way to travel.

October 23, 1961
The grace of coordinated power is one of the beauties of football. On the cover and on the following pages that kind of power is on display—in the running of such players as Cleveland's sinewy...

October 23, 1961 | Roy Terrell

October 23, 1961 | Tex Maule
The most important yard in any football game is the yard that separates the offensive and defensive lines. The long passes and exciting runs that bring ever-increasing crowds to pro games depend...

October 23, 1961 | Alfred Wright
Michigan may call State a cow college, but it was the Wolverines who got creamed

October 23, 1961 | Mervin Hyman

October 23, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Syracuse over Penn State. The Nittany Lions will be hungry after the loss to Army. But Ernie Davis is running better than ever, and the Syracuse attack has better balance.

October 23, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
A young filly named Impish broke all the trotting records for 2-year-olds at Lexington

October 23, 1961 | George Laycock
A spying biologist finds that duck hunters who claim to be good sports are often liars and cheats

October 23, 1961 | Charles Goren
So great is the popularity of bridge tournaments in general and mixed pair events in particular, that the hotel lobby just before the opening is usually a scene of indescribable confusion. In the...

October 23, 1961 | Ken W. Purdy
The Sprint, by John Fitch out of Corvair's Monza, will rival Europe's zippy speedsters, says a noted expert. You can buy it, and what's more, the price is right

October 23, 1961 | Robert Cantwell

October 23, 1961
BASEBALL—NATIONAL LEAGUE held a 3½-hour draft session for new teams. Houston Colts and New York Mets, at Cincinnati. The Colts, leaning heavily to younger men, spent $1,850,000 for 23 players,...

October 23, 1961
16-19—Dufoto20—Central Press21—U.P.I., P.A. Reuter24, 25—Eye in the Sky26, 29—Neil Leifer30—Herb Scharfman31—Neil Leifer32-35—Marvin E. Newman36, 37—Neil Leifer38—Marvin E. Newman40—Phil...

October 23, 1961
Mike Bellino, Winchester (Mass.) H.S. junior, halfback and brother of former Navy All-America Joe Bellino, scored four touch-downs (on runs of five, 29 and 25 yards, and a catch of a 35-yard pass)...

October 23, 1961
CONTINUING ENDSirs:I am truly amazed at the distorted and slanted articles by Tex Maule (The End of the AAU, Sept. 25; The Revolt Spreads, Oct. 9).

October 23, 1961
By the book

October 23, 1961

October 23, 1961
•Joe Amalfitano, San Francisco in-fielder, after learning he had cost the Houston Colts $125,000: "I'll have to go out and get another life insurance policy; I'm worth more than I thought."

October 23, 1961 | Virginia Kraft
A woodchuck shoot is an ideal way to introduce the wife and kids to the fun of shooting