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November 06, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 19

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Kelso Cover - Sports Illustrated November 06, 1961

November 06, 1961 | Walter Bingham

November 06, 1961 | George Walsh
In the first six weeks of the 1961 season more high school and college boys were killed than in all of 1960. Three-fourths of the deaths were from injuries to the 'protected' head and neck areas

November 06, 1961 | Rusty Cowan
Its solution may well make history. Along the north branch of the Susquehanna River, conservationists and industrialists are meeting head on to determine who should make restitution when a stream...

November 06, 1961 | Phil Hill

November 06, 1961 | Phil Hill
The postwar renaissance in American road racing has, this year, reached its loftiest plateau. Not since Jimmy Murphy went to Le Mans way back in 1921 and won the French Grand Prix with a...

November 06, 1961
The powers of the Big Ten battle for a trip to the Rose Bowl. Two crucial games, Iowa vs. Ohio State and Minnesota vs. Michigan State, are covered in words and color.

November 06, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
Once again the autumnal ice floes have drifted down on urban sports arenas and another hockey season has begun. But this year the ice could be warmed by unaccustomed competition. For the first...

November 06, 1961
No matter which of the six teams described on the preceding pages turns out to be NHL champion this year, the victory will have been a long time in the making. Championship hockey players cannot...

November 06, 1961 | Peggy Downey
With cheerful scorn for $1,000 winches and the unfathomable fractions of ocean-racing rules, a growing number of sailors are beginning to have new fun with old designs

November 06, 1961 | Peggy Downey
Cabin of junk has full headroom, two double bunks, head, galley and space for a collapsible dining table. There are no hanging lockers in the cabin, but there is adequate storage space below deck...

November 06, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Upsets and surprise techniques have lured back lost fans in many sections of the U.S.

November 06, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Mississippi over LSU. The first real test for Ole Miss. LSU's Chinese Bandits aren't above stealing a ball game, but Mississippi has the better offense.

November 06, 1961 | Whitney Tower
The determined Russians will throw two of their best colts at Kelso, the U.S. champion, in next week's International

November 06, 1961 | Jule Campbell
Hands that froze, chafed and bled will be safe from harm, and sportsmen will better their performance as stretch and leather combine in sporting handwear

November 06, 1961 | Michael O'Hearn
Oregon just opened up a mountain, but a big part of the choice public land in the West is still closed to the outdoorsmen who own it

November 06, 1961 | Tex Maule

November 06, 1961 | Roy Terrell
In 1956 there were 600 sailplane pilots in the U.S., or about one for every 5,000 buzzards, an arrangement endorsed by both the Audubon Society and society in general. The sport of soaring was...

November 06, 1961

November 06, 1961
•Norm Cash, Detroit first baseman and American League batting champion: "We're like cattle—get fat and they trade you off."

November 06, 1961
26—Map by Brendan Mulvey27—Albert M. Day31—David Rubinger32—Publifoto40—Marvin E. Newman45—Diagram by Robert Johnson48—A.P.53—Jerry Cooke58—Oregon Game Commission61—Ray C. Erickson62—Neil...

November 06, 1961
John Schmitt, 21-year-old Syracuse U. junior and a transfer student from TCU, a golfer since he was 12 years old, added the ECAC championship at Bethpage, L.I. to his home club (New Hartford,...

November 06, 1961
BASKETBALL—BOSTON, with Bob Cousy showing no signs of slowing up, got off to its usual fast start and led the East with 2-0 record. New York, improved by play making rookies, tied Philadelphia at...

November 06, 1961
UNMASKED POWERSirs:Tex Maule's article on line play was fantastic (Pro Football Report, Oct. 23). The diagrams and drawings were great, the descriptions were clear.ALAN SAMALINThe Bronx, N.Y.

November 06, 1961
Twelve tons of shot

November 06, 1961 | Arlie W. Schardt
A National Football League quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

November 06, 1961 | Robert H. Boyle
Fred Imhof's hobby is sports memorabilia, and his collection is the biggest in the world