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November 13, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 20

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Tom McNeeley Cover - Sports Illustrated November 13, 1961

November 13, 1961

November 13, 1961 | Alfred Wright
With powerful Bob Ferguson leading the way, scarlet-shirted Ohio State drives for a national championship, but surprising Minnesota stays right with them

November 13, 1961 | Roger Williams
Nearly every spectator sport in Los Angeles is suffering at the box office, and you can take your pick among a hatful of reasons—from pretty girls to some pretty poor teams

November 13, 1961 | Tex Maule

November 13, 1961
Not that I'm exactly a sports fan. Honestly, I don't think I could tell a basketball goal if my life depended. But the horse show? That's entirely different. I mean, there's so much to see. Take...

November 13, 1961
Yachtsman Gilbert Wheat visits a lonely piece of rock called Pitcairn Island, where the people talk—and live—much as did their notorious ancestors, the mutineers from the Bounty.

November 13, 1961 | Martin Kane
Tom McNeeley Jr., the Boston heavyweight who hopes to upset Champion Floyd Patterson, has a valid reputation for fury, but fury alone will not be enough

November 13, 1961 | Lee Griggs

November 13, 1961 | Walter Bingham
College football is very big in Ohio, but high school football is sometimes bigger. In Massillon it dominates the town. This year, as usual, the team is undefeated, with the aid of Boosters, game...

November 13, 1961 | Virginia Kraft
For almost a century the wild turkey was just a mouth-watering legend of pioneer days. Then sportsmen across the country decided to put the big bird back in the bush where it belonged

November 13, 1961 | Charles Goren
Next week, at the Shamrock Hilton in Houston, 16 pairs of experts duel for the three places on the team that will represent us in the world championship team matches to be played in New York in...

November 13, 1961 | Whitney Lower
A few days before the ninth running of The Garden State last week, some of the contending owners and their trainers were hustled across the Jersey flats, led up to a posh private dining room at...

November 13, 1961 | Tex Maule
U.S. track coaches outline plans for representation for all the segments of their world

November 13, 1961 | John Lovesey
In London last week a team of skillful British amateur fighters avenged Phaintin' Phil Scott and Brian London and ages of defeat

November 13, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
As it prepared for its night game with LSU last Saturday, second-ranked Mississippi had a right to consider itself the No. 1 team in the country, for that afternoon, as Ole Miss was well aware,...

November 13, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Notre Dame over Pitt. The Pitt defenses will be stacked to stop Notre Dame's running, but the Irish are hungry after three straight losses.

November 13, 1961 | Gerald Holland

November 13, 1961
BASEBALL—The YOMIURI GIANTS of Tokyo squeezed home a run in the 10th inning on three singles and a sacrifice bunt to defeat the Nankai Hawks of Osaka 3-2, and win the Japanese World Series 4 games...

November 13, 1961
Dick Hanson, 17-year-old Eau Claire, Wis. senior quarterback, scored 72 of his team's 98 points, including three touchdowns in final game against Chippewa Falls, led his school to first unbeaten...

November 13, 1961
20, 21—Earl Seubert-Minneapolis Tribune57—Herb Scharfman59—A.P.60, 61—top (3) Central Press, Robert Ando71-76—Thomas McAvoy79—Bill Cunningham The (Vancouver) Province, Los Angeles Times80—Marvin...

November 13, 1961
FRANK TALKSirs:Thanks for Ray Cave's wonderful article on my favorite team, the Philadelphia Warriors, my favorite player, Wilt Chamberlain, and now, I guess, my favorite coach, Frank McGuire...

November 13, 1961
Music of the track

November 13, 1961 | Bettina Blackford
A Washington D.C. International horse race quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans

November 13, 1961 | Gwilym S. Brown
Ten years ago Dick Kazmaier put on one of football's most spectacular one-man shows