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November 20, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 21

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Y.A. Tittle Cover - Sports Illustrated November 20, 1961

November 20, 1961
BASKETBALL—BOSTON (6-1) lost its first game of the season but defeated PHILADELPHIA to hold on to the Eastern Division lead. Meanwhile, the Warriors (6-4), with Chamberlain averaging about 50...

November 20, 1961
22—Marvin E. Newman23—Neil Leifer32—Gerry Cranham33—U.P.I.34—Art Daley37—Walter Iooss Jr.66—Wil Blanche71—A.P.80—Tony Triolo82—Phil Bath91, 95—Robert De Gast101—A.P., Roger Reynolds-Kansas City...

November 20, 1961
Bob Farrington, 32, of Richwood, Ohio, harness driver for six seasons and a former bricklayer, lifted total of wins to 180 for the year at May wood (Ill.) Park, and broke the American record for...

November 20, 1961
RISE AND FALLSirs:Your article Apathy in Smogsville (Nov. 13) reminds me of the one you published sometime ago entitled, The Decline and Fall of New York (Jan. 11, 1960). You based your statement...

November 20, 1961 | Chris Ohiri
Chris Ohiri of Nigeria, a 22-year-old sophomore at Harvard, is studying for a career in diplomacy, but there's nothing diplomatic about the way Ohiri plays soccer. Last year, when he was a...

November 20, 1961 | Tex Maule

November 20, 1961 | Herman Nickel
The final matches of what may someday be world tennis' most important championship found a damp reception in South Africa

November 20, 1961
Last week's big race at Laurel, Md. was billed as "The Washington D.C. International," but from the moment the foreign-type barrier was lifted, it proved a duel to the death between two Americans....

November 20, 1961
An artist and writer join to paint a vivid picture of an Illinois town called Cairo, where shotgunners, geese, gangsters and B-girls are gathered for a freewheeling fall convention.

November 20, 1961
A few hours after flat racing's favorite, Kelso, had failed his fans at Laurel's International, harness racing's alltime champion, Adios Butler, made a memorable win of his farewell pace. Bidding...

November 20, 1961
Knowing there'll always be an England while there's a country lane and an antique car to run along it, 2 million Britons last week turned out to watch the annual parade of ancient cars from London...

November 20, 1961 | Tex Maule

November 20, 1961 | Gilbert Wheat

November 20, 1961
This winter's recreational ski clothes are as trim as a downhill racer's uniform. Men's quilted parkas, once soft and bulky, are as snugly fitted as a slalom jacket. Girls are now streamlined from...

November 20, 1961 | Walter Bingham
Columbia's Buff Donelli knows all about losing. But this season has been pleasantly different, and the Lions—surprise!—are at the top

November 20, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
The list of the nation's unbeaten and untied major-college teams, dwindling rapidly, was down to three—Texas (8-0), Alabama (8-0) and Rutgers (7-0)—after Colorado got caught up in the latest wave...

November 20, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Alabama over Georgia Tech. Bowl-conscious Tech will be ready for this one, but Pat Trammell and an unyielding defense will keep the Crimson Tide rolling.

November 20, 1961 | John Underwood
The purists claim this should be the motto of most hunting preserves, but for a growing number of outdoorsmen preserves are the answer to limited time—and talent

November 20, 1961 | Charles Goren
Bridge proved itself a successful spectator sport in Honolulu last month. More than 1,500 spectators watched a three-session match between Hawaii's top players and a mainland team that I had the...

November 20, 1961

November 20, 1961
•Tom NcNeeley, heavyweight contender against Floyd Patterson: "I hope the 10-to-1 odds against me hold; my friends will make a killing."

November 20, 1961 | Alice Higgins
A spectacular open event in New York tops a season of excellent performances around the country by American and foreign horses

November 20, 1961 | Roger Williams
After only one season, his play is vital in the Laker push to cut down the champs from St. Louis

November 20, 1961 | Robert Cantwell

November 20, 1961 | Paul Stewart
The precise balance and control today's skiers must have to master the subtle techniques of the shortswing lead to a need for more effective ski equipment. For instance, the recreational skier...

November 20, 1961 | Pete Waldmeir