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November 27, 1961 | Volume 15, Issue 22

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Jimmy Saxton Cover - Sports Illustrated November 27, 1961

November 27, 1961

November 27, 1961
•Former Texas League Spitball Pitcher Snipe Conley on his lost art: "They're arguing now that the spitball is dangerous. Why, I walked only 40 or 50 men a season; it's bound not to be dangerous if...

November 27, 1961 | Roy Terrell

November 27, 1961 | Pete Waldmeir
Pitting the landscape from coast to coast, half a million man-made swimming holes bring millionaires' fun to masses and some headaches to the nation's health authorities, who held a meeting on the...

November 27, 1961
Borzoi Hunt—Hounds to the hare, read a sign in northern California pointing the way to one of the rare hunts in the U.S. by the fleet dogs often miscalled Russian wolfhounds. Beyond the sign this...

November 27, 1961
An expert in the newly rediscovered body-building technique of isometric contraction presents 10 special exercises that are equally good for superathletes and flabby, ordinary people.

November 27, 1961
No, it's Rugby, and the player seemingly trying to murder his opponent is none other than Rhodes Scholar Pete Dawkins, former West Point All-America footballer now in his third year at Oxford. As...

November 27, 1961 | Mel Durslag

November 27, 1961 | Rex Lardner
Cavorting and mugging, the world's top cheerleading authority (right) conducts clinics for pretty apprentices

November 27, 1961 | M. R. Werner
The winner of more than 200 racetrack doubles tells his adventures in folly and glory in 18 years at mutuel windows. He explains how he does and doesn't do it—without system but with hope

November 27, 1961 | Martin Kane
Last April the channel bass failed to keep their springtime date with surf fishermen, but in November they swarmed back for some of the best fishing in years

November 27, 1961 | Tex Maule
Soft-talking Wally Lemm has led Houston from last to first with kind words and a smart defense

November 27, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
As Texas' sun set in the West last week, Alabama's rose in the East. Undefeated, the Crimson Tide beat Georgia Tech, perhaps the toughest team on its schedule, 10-0 and replaced Texas as the...

November 27, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
Penn state over Pitt. The Nittany Lions still have bowl hopes. A solider defense will get them past Pitt and, with luck, a trip to a place in the sun.

November 27, 1961 | William Leggett
Despite the temptation of some rich purses, young Bobby Camper refused to rush his valuable colt to the races this fall, and his perseverance and skill were rewarded last weekend

November 27, 1961
On a low, levee-protected tongue of Illinois land at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers there sleeps a remnant of a city called Cairo. Years ago Cairo (rhymes with Pharaoh) was a...

November 27, 1961
BASEBALL—JOHNNY TEMPLE, Cleveland Indian infielder and the American League's 1961 Ail-Star second baseman, was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for minor league Catcher Harry Chiti and two other...

November 27, 1961
25—A.P.26—Lynn Pelham from Rapho-Guillumette for LIFE32, 36—Sergio Larrain-Magnum54-57—Arthur Daley58—Aycock Brown60—U.P.I.62—A.P.80—Mark W. Hennessey-Portland (Me.) Evening Express, Greensboro...

November 27, 1961
Sam Burgess, Bath, Me. high school junior, whose hobby is lobstering ("It's great for your leg muscles"), won the Maine Interscholastic Cross Country title for the second year in a row, in 12:05.4...

November 27, 1961
SHOESTRING BOXSirs:You head your story "The Night 10 Americans Got Clobbered"(Nov. 13)! What a misnomer. This was the night America itself got clobbered and not by the British alone.

November 27, 1961
Den mother

November 27, 1961 | Maury Allen
An Army-Navy game quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

November 27, 1961
Tournaments through December 27

November 27, 1961 | Gerald Astor
Cumberland set a record that still stands when it lost to Georgia Tech 222-0