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January 15, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 2

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Donald Head Cover - Sports Illustrated January 15, 1962

January 15, 1962 | Alfred Wright
As the 1962 pro golf tour begins, Jack Nicklaus and Doug Sanders bid fair to convert the reign of Gary Player and Arnold Palmer into the era of the Big Four

January 15, 1962 | Alfred Wright
At the Los Angeles Open last week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED polled the country's best golfers for answers to some of the questions that are most frequently debated by their galleries. Below are the pros'...

January 15, 1962 | Winston S. Churchill
A lusty chip off England's finest old block demonstrates the versatility and verve of his famous grandsire as he captains the Oxford ski team to victory in its annual race against Cambridge at...

January 15, 1962
When the nation's winter boat show season opens this week in New York—to be followed by some 70 other shows from Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Roseburg, Ore.—yachtsmen,...

January 15, 1962
In a day filled with sales calls and crises of one kind or another, Coach Jumbo Elliott talks about his Villanova University track team and tells why it may be one of the best ever.

January 15, 1962
At times he is a mere spectator. Then, suddenly, the attack approaches and in a split second the man idling in front of the nets must respond. By affixing a camera inside the goal itself,...

January 15, 1962 | Dave Anderson

January 15, 1962 | Tex Maule
The NFL's Western Conference teams were too strong for their eastern opponents in 1961 and, at least where Green Bay is concerned, will be again in '62

January 15, 1962 | John O'Reilly
Once so rare that some people doubted its existence, the tiny key deer is now reported on the increase in the thickets of its Florida isles

January 15, 1962 | Charles Goren
Next week bridge players in or near some 60 U.S. cities will begin competition in a unique tournament: they will play the first of seven weekly sessions of the North American Rubber Bridge...

January 15, 1962 | Ray Cave
Arizona State, the country's second-highest-scoring team, has used a blazing offense to become the best example of basketball's rise in the Southwest

January 15, 1962 | Joe David Brown

January 15, 1962
Stakes through January 27

January 15, 1962 | Mary Ann Gould
John D. Rockefeller's human qualities were best displayed when he was on the course

January 15, 1962
BASKETBALL—NBA: the two division leaders, Boston in the East and Los Angeles in the West, continued to widen the gaps between first and second place. The Celts were 9½ games over Philadelphia,...

January 15, 1962
16, 17—Phil Bath (3), A.P.40—John G. Zimmerman41—Bill and Jean Newton42—Marvin E. Newman43—Neil Leifer44—U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from National Audubon48, 49—Evan Peskin63—Gerry Cranham,...

January 15, 1962
Natalie Steward, 18, of Rhodesia, who swam for Britain and won two medals at the 1960 Olympics, had her time of 1 min. 11 sec. for the 110-yard backstroke ratified last week as a world record by...

January 15, 1962 | Mervin Hyman
With the holiday jousting over, most of the nation's major-college teams settled down to the serious business of battling for conference titles. But some of the favorites were still having their...

January 15, 1962
LOVELY LADIESSirs:Thank you for the delightfully wholesome face of Ski Champion Francine Bréaud on the cover of your Special Holiday Issue and for all the lovely ladies pictured inside (Dec. 25)....

January 15, 1962

January 15, 1962
•Jack Price, the owner of Carry Back, on his plans and hopes for the 1961 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner: "From now on we'll be running mostly in handicaps, and in those you can expect to get...