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February 05, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 5

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Joan Hannah Cover - Sports Illustrated February 05, 1962

February 05, 1962 | William Leggett
The big news of the horse racing season is that Spanish-speaking jockeys dominate the scene, and their takeover may be permanent

February 05, 1962 | Henry Romney

February 05, 1962 | William Rademaekers
As they head for the world championships in Chamonix, the French skiers are gamely trying to prove that they are still kings of the downhill

February 05, 1962 | Walter Bingham
Among the jagged, snow-swept peaks of the French Alps a new and glittering assortment of ski resorts is now competing in the European sweepstakes for the winter tourist's dollar. All have modem...

February 05, 1962
Rubber bands on the wrists identify pro basketball's most omnipresent hands. The hands belong to Wilt Chamberlain, and, as the pictures here and on following pages show, they are scooping in...

February 05, 1962
Two architects commissioned by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED present plans for a lakefront home that is ideal for boating and fishing families who want to live right at the water's edge.

February 05, 1962
About the only people cheerful enough to come out in mid-January to watch a bunch of boating diehards called frostbiters—dinghy-racing sailors from all yachting classes who find competition...

February 05, 1962 | Ray Cave
An explosive, gambling defense called the zone press has become the big weapon for top teams

February 05, 1962 | John Hanlon
Terry Dowries, who will defend his middleweight title in April, is a cocky Englishman with a strong feeling for 'la vita casalinga'

February 05, 1962 | Bill Talbert
This week the United States Lawn Tennis Association is holding its annual meeting in Los Angeles. Purpose: to choose a new president (Edward A. Turville of St. Petersburg, whose election will be...

February 05, 1962 | Leslie Hobbs
New Zealand's burly Peter Snell, starting in one of the few mile races of his young career, took the lead with 340 yards to go, sprinted away from the field to better Herb Elliott's classic mark...

February 05, 1962
The U.S. Golf Association, after two years of soft penalties for balls hit out-of-bounds or into unplayable lies, or lost balls, has reinstated the stern old penalties (stroke-and-distance or a...

February 05, 1962
•When told that Ernie Banks credited him with teaching Banks to hit, Ralph Kiner said: "It's very flattering to be remembered that way. Ernie was always an appreciative fellow. I've never heard a...

February 05, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin
Of the great single-minded passions, such as love, war and Scrabble, fishing with a hook and line involves the most luck, and most of it is bad. Captain Tommy Gif-ford—who, with ingenuity,...

February 05, 1962
14, 15—Arthur Rickerby-LIFE, Flip Schulke-Block Star (2), N.Y. Racing Assn.18, 19—Franz Goess-Black Star24—map by William Bernstein42, 43—diagrams by William Bernstein45—London Daily...

February 05, 1962
Ted Stickles, 19, Indiana U. sophomore, world record holder in the 400-meter medley, became the first swimmer to break two minutes in the 200-yard individual medley when he posted a 1:59.5 against...

February 05, 1962
BASEBALL—BOB FELLER, modern-day strikeout record holder, and JACKIE ROBINSON, clutch-hitting, sure-fielding Brooklyn infielder, were elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame, by the Baseball Writers'...

February 05, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

February 05, 1962
FELONIOUS FIXESSirs:You note that "to fix or attempt to fix [games] until recently was a mere misdemeanor in New York. Now it is a felony, with proportionately greater penalties. In North Carolina...

February 05, 1962 | MARY ANN GOULD
A Millrose Games quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

February 05, 1962 | William F. Nolan
Fifty years ago, a moody, egocentric little man named Lincoln Beachey thrilled the crowds he hated with his spectacular tricks in the sky