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February 19, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 7

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Mickey Wright Cover - Sports Illustrated February 19, 1962

February 19, 1962 | Tex Maule
The starter's gun in Los Angeles sends off Jim Beatty (second from right) on the fastest indoor mile ever run. The field from the pole: Tabori, Beatty, Grelle, Close, Martin.

February 19, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
The world's best drivers—from stock-car to Grand Prix men—met in Daytona for the first time, and Dan Gurney and Stirling Moss won

February 19, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Last Sunday's race at Daytona, which for the first time saw cars and drivers of international auto racing's four major divisions competing in one race, initiated a year of fundamental and...

February 19, 1962
Cortez is supposed to have found the Aztecs playing jai alai, but its origins are as mysterious as those of the Basques, who play it best. In the U.S. it is seen only in Florida, where these...

February 19, 1962 | Arnold Benson

February 19, 1962
Photographer David Moore shows Australian sailors in action, and Fred Hubbard tells the story of Sir Frank Packer, the bullheaded Aussie who is out to win the America's Cup.

February 19, 1962 | Mickey Wright/U.S. Women's Open Champion
For the weekend golfer a good driving round will be a good scoring round, since a long, straight tee shot usually will bring the green within reach and create a good chance for a par or even a...

February 19, 1962
Pastel-painted stables are set among rows of palms in Indio, Calif., near Palm Springs, the unique setting for a leisurely 10-day horse show that opens the season this week. Daily ostrich races...

February 19, 1962 | Whitney Tower
Under other palms a continent away at Hialeah, Thoroughbreds are aiming at the Derby

February 19, 1962 | Ray Cave
Kentucky's famous curmudgeon, Adolph Rupp, is all smiles (on the inside) as he comes up with a team that surprises even him

February 19, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
Amateur wrestling is a grunt-filled argument over whether to stay on the mat or keep jumping up

February 19, 1962 | Dolly Connelly
There just isn't much point in people taking me to Santa Anita Race Track. Before the races are over I'm going to make somebody hopping mad by asking, "What horse? Where?" The horses I see are the...

February 19, 1962

February 19, 1962
•Golfer Jerry Barber, answering a question as to how he has compensated for his low weight (137 pounds): "I haven't. A good big man can always beat a good little man and they prove it to me every...

February 19, 1962
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON lost three in a row, two to second-place Philadelphia but held on to a 5½-game Eastern Division lead. With the team now a smooth blend of old and new players, the Warriors...

February 19, 1962
28—Myles Adler35—Richard Meek52, 53—Neil Leifer54—Richard Ciarkson64, 67—los Angeles Times70—Carroll Pholo Service from Los Angeles Times75—Ed Glucker, George King, Bermuda News Bureau, Nelson G....

February 19, 1962
Lois Henry, of Marathon Shores, Fla., won the Stuart (Fla.) Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament with a big sail she hooked half an hour before the deadline, then fought on 12-pound test line in a...

February 19, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

February 19, 1962
WIND IN THE OPENSirs:Bill Talbert has designed five exceptionally intelligent and concrete proposals for the growth of American tennis (Open Letter to the USLTA, Feb. 5).

February 19, 1962
A boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

February 19, 1962 | Mary H. Cadwalader
She cost only $100, and was stubborn, mean and full of faults—but she taught her owner some priceless lessons