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February 26, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 8

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John Uelses Cover - Sports Illustrated February 26, 1962

February 26, 1962 | Tex Maule

February 26, 1962 | Walter Bingham
In the world ski championships resurgent Austria triumphed brilliantly, mighty France fell in its own Alps and the U.S. wound up a so-so third

February 26, 1962
Everybody who's anybody in Kuala Lumpur is playing golf these days, for nowhere is the ancient Scottish rite proliferating with more passion (if less form) than in Malaya's capital. Each morning...

February 26, 1962
Many a busted $2 racetrack bettor has complained that racing is for the birds—feathered, not rail. At New Orleans' Fair Grounds the other day it was. In the fifth race a mottled pigeon (its...

February 26, 1962
The big and busy city of Sydney, Australia stretches from the Pacific inland across fingers of land that hold the finest harbor in the world—a haven for shipping that serves also as a playground...

February 26, 1962
Spring training returns, and with it a five-page portfolio of baseball action by Artist Robert Weaver. Robert Shaplen tells how George Weiss put the New York Mets together.

February 26, 1962 | Fred Hubbard

February 26, 1962 | Whitney Tower
Rushing for the wire on Hialeah's turf course, Thoroughbreds form a moving backdrop for massed begonias that are typical of the Miami track's pink motif. In the next 10 days many of the finest...

February 26, 1962

February 26, 1962
•David Clark, Olympic pole-vaulter, announcing that he had bought a fiberglass pole: "I decided to quit crying about it and buy one."

February 26, 1962 | Arlie W. Schardt
Everyone at this small Ohio school has been a basketball nut since Ray Mears arrived with some surprising ideas about the sport and a vow to win the NCAA title

February 26, 1962 | Roy Terrell
Beaming back at Friedl Pfeifer, founder of the world's first professional ski racing association, Anderl Molterer of Austria claims the automobile he has just won with four brilliant runs down...

February 26, 1962 | Charles Goren
Just before the World Contract Bridge Team Championships began in New York City, North America's non-playing captain, John Gerber of Houston, said: "There are no cowards among my players." He...

February 26, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle
The four well-dressed gentlemen and two wee caddies above are making social history. This picture, which was the first golf photograph taken in this country, shows the players on a green at St....

February 26, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle
How a middle-class club got middle-class...discrimination...and the rise of clubs operated solely for profit.

February 26, 1962
BASKETBALL—NBA: Boston pulled 6½ games ahead of Philadelphia in the East. Syracuse was encouraged by Dolph Schayes's 30 points against Chicago, his best since breaking a cheekbone on Dec. 24. New...

February 26, 1962
10—Herb Scharfman11, 12—Wil Blanche13—Dick Darcey14, 15—Pierre Boulat16—Marvin E. Newman17—Pierre Boulat18, 19—Marvin E. Newman, Pierre Boulat20, 21—Straits Times22, 23—Jones Precision...

February 26, 1962
Ronnie Marsh, 19-year-old University of Kansas freshman football player, won the Kansas City Golden Gloves heavyweight boxing title by confusing his opponents with his switch-hitting fighting...

February 26, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

February 26, 1962
THE NEW ZEALANDERSSirs:Snell's record-setting mile, not to mention the 880 and 800 meters (World's Greatest Distance Runner, Feb. 12) is something that was forecast two years ago by one of his...

February 26, 1962 | Jule Campbell
The Crow's-nest sells nautical gear by mail to boatmen all over the world

February 26, 1962 | Karl Ess
Billiards was more than a game to the great humorist—it was the obsession of his later years