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April 02, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 13

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Arnold Palmer Cover - Sports Illustrated April 02, 1962

April 02, 1962
16, 17—Herb Scharfman (3)19—D.D. and E.P. Schroeder43, 48—Brian Seed64—Rolland R. Ransom72—Hans Knopf-Pix101—Fred Bottomer-Cleveland Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Carl Oliver-Palo Alto Times,...

April 02, 1962
Sandra Knott, 24, of Columbus, Ohio, won 880-yard run in 2:17.4 in track meet at Cleveland to clip one-tenth of a second off pending women's world record, emulated recent record-breaking...

April 02, 1962
BADMINTON—MRS. JUDY DEVLIN HASHMAN of Baltimore defeated Ursula Smith 11-4, 11-0 in the finals of the All-England Women's Championships in London to win the title for the sixth time in the last...

April 02, 1962 | Mervin Hyman
If there was any doubt that the best basketball this year was played in the state of Ohio, it was dispelled last Saturday when the 1962 season closed in a rush of excitement and plaudits for...

April 02, 1962
GAMBLING GEYSERSSirs:That fellow Robert Boyle comes on strong and friendly as a new rooster in a hen house (The Hottest Spring, March 19). His descriptions of fun-spangled Hot Springs—its sporty...

April 02, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin

April 02, 1962 | Walter Bingham
There are lots of rookies this year—tall ones, short ones, young ones and even a very old one. Best of all, there are a lot of talented ones, some of whom may have an important effect on the...

April 02, 1962 | David L. Freed
For two dismal years David Lester Freed, a Salt Lake City businessman, served as nonplaying captain of the U.S. Davis Cup team. His captaincy marked a new low in U.S. Davis Cup fortunes. Twice in...

April 02, 1962 | Ray Cave

April 02, 1962
Spring comes to golf in the annual rush of warm colors and optimistic spectators to Augusta, Ga. for the famed Masters Tournament. White-coveralled caddies (left) in the early-morning dew, a...

April 02, 1962
Sports Illustrated's baseball staff takes a 40-page look at the strengths and weaknesses of the major league teams in the annual Baseball Issue. Robert H. Boyle reports on Commissioner Ford Frick...

April 02, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
According to legend, it takes a long ball to master the Masters. Bob Jones's Augusta course is so long (6,850 yards) and its fairways so wide (70 acres total area as opposed to about 35 on most...

April 02, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
non-Palmer winners

April 02, 1962 | Alfred Wright
When he was shown the statistics charted on the opposite page, Arnold Palmer, the man who has won two of the last four Masters championships, said: "Well, it certainly proves one thing, my short...

April 02, 1962 | Rex Lardner

April 02, 1962

April 02, 1962
•Clemson Football Coach Frank Howard analyzing one of his players after first full-scale spring scrimmage: "He's not near as noticeable doing nothing this year as he was last season."

April 02, 1962 | Robert Boyle
Edward Plunket Taylor has mixed beer, the Bahamas and horses into a MILLIONAIRE'S BREW

April 02, 1962 | Charles Goren
A slow boat in sunny waters and duplicate all day—truly heaven for the dedicated bridge player

April 02, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Though many fell by Sebring's wayside, two of the great Italian cars stayed the course to win an unprecedented one-two victory

April 02, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
When you are in the fortunate position of being able to watch an opponent hit to the green first, whether in match or stroke play, be alert to take full advantage of the opportunity. Try to...

April 02, 1962 | Robert Creamer
There's this little kid, see, and he's crazy about Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. He and his father—his mother is dead—live on this boat in Florida. But they used to live in New York, and so one...

April 02, 1962 | Duncan Barnes
Shotshell performance has been boosted so much in the past decade that the shot-gunner can hardly blame his ammunition if he shoots badly. In 1954 Winchester-Western brought out the short magnum,...

April 02, 1962 | Matthew J. Bruccoli
Eight years after Kitty Hawk, a pilot named Rodgers made the first flight across America