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April 23, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 16

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Jerry Schmidt Cover - Sports Illustrated April 23, 1962

April 23, 1962
THE PROOF, PLEASEChampionship Sports Inc., the promoters, expect Floyd Patterson to defend his title against Sonny Listen in New York in September. It should be one of the most exciting fights in...

April 23, 1962 | Walter Bingham

April 23, 1962 | James A. Farley Jr.
James A. Farley Jr. is a bank president and one of three members of the New York State Athletic Commission. The son of the former Postmaster General of the U.S., the 33-year-old Farley has had a...

April 23, 1962

April 23, 1962
Players with magic, baseball's razzle-dazzle, shoot-'em-up athletes, the ones who keep the fans coming out to the old ball park, are brought onstage by Walter Bingham.

April 23, 1962 | Huston Horn
But this new dwelling, on the edge of a real live sea, is versatile and surprisingly durable. Please turn the page to learn how to assemble and live in a Paradome

April 23, 1962 | John Underwood

April 23, 1962
Ordinarily the water polo players of Cerritos Junior College in California play fair, but in the picture opposite they are intently mauling each other in accordance with the rules (or, rather,...

April 23, 1962 | Whitney Tower
The evidence is obscure but here is some guidance for doping this year's field of Derby long shots

April 23, 1962 | Logan Bentley
No bull could kill the matador of the century, Juan Belmonte, but in Seville last week a pistol did

April 23, 1962 | Roger Williams
A UCLA freshman from Puerto Rico named Pasarell looks better than many seniors on the court

April 23, 1962 | Alfred Wright
Arnold Palmer's exciting victory in this year's Masters championship blacked out several fine performances and rare moments that are well worth recalling and noting

April 23, 1962 | Charles Goren
Since contract bridge is an international game, bidding may be considered its Esperanto, a simple, worldwide language where the sole goal is the exchange of information. In tournament play the...

April 23, 1962 | Robert Cantwell

April 23, 1962
BASKETBALL—BOSTON and LOS ANGELES, playing nip and tuck through a week of NBA finals, wound up in Boston Saturday with the balance 3-2 in favor of Los Angeles. Earlier, in L.A., Jerry West had...

April 23, 1962
Toshiyuki Seino, 158-pound national AAU judo champion, was 72 pounds lighter than Nelson Cross, his opponent in final round of the Air Force Championships at McChord A.F.B., Wash., but he emerged...

April 23, 1962
18, 19—Los Angeles Times20, 21—Hy Peskin22—Ken Regan24, 25—Herb Scharfman, Neil Leifer26—Tony Triolo28-30—symbols by Burt Groedel32-34—Richard Meek56—Phil Bath60, 61—Richard Meek66—courtesy New...

April 23, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
NATIONAL LEAGUEOne of the most improbable pitching staffs in major league history, a Hydrocollator and some tall grass helped Houston to win its first three games. First of the pitchers was...

April 23, 1962
PLAY BALLSirs:Statistics and analyses are undeniably at the heart of baseball. However, I also relish those intimate vignettes that bring into focus the very essential human quality of the game....

April 23, 1962 | Jule Campbell
About five-and-one-half million children ranging in age from 7 to 14 years will attend camp during the summer months ahead. Every one of them has to be outfitted, uniformed, name-tagged and packed...

April 23, 1962 | John Lovesey
The game—and the day—were saved by a calm policeman and a horse who understood people