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April 30, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 17

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Luis Aparicio Cover - Sports Illustrated April 30, 1962

April 30, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen

April 30, 1962 | Arlie W. Schardt
By the narrowest of margins and with some high-jumping help the Celtics beat the Lakers, but in the process identified a formidable future foe

April 30, 1962 | Whitney Tower
After finishing the Wood Memorial in a dead heat, Sunrise County lost again on a foul. Churchill Downs and some nervous rivals now await him

April 30, 1962 | Walter Bingham

April 30, 1962
Derby by Ungerer means a series of electric paintings by the distinguished French satirist. With them, an analysis of an unusual field of 3-year-old contenders by Whitney Tower.

April 30, 1962 | Robert Wernick

April 30, 1962

April 30, 1962
•Dick Stuart, Pittsburgh first baseman: "People keep telling me my fielding has improved. They didn't say anything like that before I hit 35 home runs."

April 30, 1962 | Leland Day

April 30, 1962
Watching the play on the Seattle Golf Club's pine-studded fairways, Russell Johnson (right) is dry and warm in a yellow vinyl-coated nylon jacket called the "Bearcat," made by Mr. Witt. On the...

April 30, 1962
Page 54: Mr. Witt jacket ($9), Bloomingdale's, New York. Page 55: Ernst Engel parka ($25), Saks Fifth Avenue, New York: Halle's, Cleveland; Best's Apparel, Seattle. Page 56: Bonnie Cashin shirt...

April 30, 1962 | William Barry Furlong
Chicago Black Hawk Stan Mikita, a Canadian by way of Czechoslovakia, fakes the opposition out of its skates and sets a new playoff record

April 30, 1962 | Art Rosenbaum
Their hearts are young and gay—at least until they dive into the water at a national swimming meet

April 30, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
If you are one of the many golfers with small hands, try the interlocking grip. There is a good chance you will discover that it fuses your hands together and holds them on the club much more...

April 30, 1962 | Charles Goren
You will find members of every profession in both the top ranks and the lower echelons of bridge players, but it is my distinct impression that the numerical superiority at all levels rests with...

April 30, 1962 | Raymond Tinsley

April 30, 1962
12, 13—model by Architectural & Engineering Visual Aids, photographs by Tony Triolo14, 15—Art Shay18, 19—Herb Scharfman20—Art Rickerby-Pix23—John G. Zimmerman24, 25—Hy Peskin54-57—Fred Lyon...

April 30, 1962
BASKETBALL—BOSTON captured its fourth straight NBA championship, a record for the league, by beating Los Angeles in the last two playoff games, 119-105 and 110-107 (see page 16). Center Bill...

April 30, 1962
Dale Lewis, whose tennis teams have not lost since he came to the University of Miami as coach five years ago, saw his players extend the school dual-meet winning streak to 100 by beating Rollins...

April 30, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
It was 2:30 a.m. when Bo Belinsky of Los Angeles called his father in Trenton, N.J. to tell him he had defeated the Athletics 3-2. "How come you were awake?" Belinsky asked. "Oh, you figured I'd...

April 30, 1962
VIVE LES GIRLSSirs:Congratulations on your much improved covers: Francine Bréaud (Dec. 25), Joan Hannah (Feb. 5) and now Donna de Varona (April 16). Please keep it up.BILL FITZPATRICKPlattsburgh, N.Y.

April 30, 1962 | Roy Terrell

April 30, 1962 | Pat Ryan
A Thoroughbred racing quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of the $2 bettor and the armchair expert

April 30, 1962 | Grancel Fitz