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May 14, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 19

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Gene Littler Cover - Sports Illustrated May 14, 1962

May 14, 1962
FOR THE BIRDSSirs:I like and feed birds, but I thought that Mr. Tinsley's piece (Here Come Our Feathered Enemies!, April 30) was cute. Of course, it doesn't mean anything.BILL BENNETTHighland...

May 14, 1962 | Whitney Tower
A joyous Argentine trainer and a highly touchy U.S. jockey made Decidedly the 1962 Derby winner

May 14, 1962 | Roy Terrell
Alongside Barn 42, just off the backstretch at Churchill Downs, a man was walking a horse. It had been a long day and the horse, a remarkable animal, only slightly smaller than the barn, was...

May 14, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin
Eder Jofre, artist, vegetarian and bantamweight champion of the world, knocks out a raw-tuna eater and stays undefeated after 45 professional fights

May 14, 1962 | John Lovesey
Entering Davis Cup competition for the first time, a team of Soviet tennis players give themselves a Dutch treat

May 14, 1962
A dedicated teacher sets Utah kids to walking on their hands with his enthusiasm for gymnastics, fitness—and learning

May 14, 1962
Russian Leg Circle is a taxing exercise of skill and continuous movement, in which one outstretched leg is swept forward under lifted hands, after which the other leg is hopped over the extended...

May 14, 1962
The joys of water are celebrated in a 31 page supplement which shows how 90 million vacationers draw a bounty of relaxation and adventure from U.S. lakes and streams.

May 14, 1962 | Alfred Wright

May 14, 1962 | Fred R. Smith
In the garden of New York's Museum of Modern Art this week the Maillol bather, poised over a reflecting pool, and the bronze Henry Moore family, seated beneath a sycamore, got some unexpected but...

May 14, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen

May 14, 1962

May 14, 1962
•Lou Boudreau on New York autograph hunters: "1 don't mind signing autographs, but in New York they grab you, tear your clothes and if they don't like the way you sign they squirt ink on you....

May 14, 1962 | Arthur Zich
Poor starting arrangements and an overdeveloped drive for publicity are turning the country's best powerboat race into a nasty scramble

May 14, 1962 | Jack McKinney
Sonny Liston believes the New York commission thinks so, but he says he has 'no hard feelings'

May 14, 1962 | Tex Maule
Superspeed and conflicting strategy portend great competition in a year when college relay teams have never looked better

May 14, 1962 | Huston Horn
Cancer has been found in hatchery rainbows and brook trout, but it is not yet known if the disease endangers fishermen

May 14, 1962 | Alfred Wright

May 14, 1962
BASKETBALL—NBA club owners argued for 17 hours, tentatively bounced around the franchises of four cities as if dealing with the marbles teams of a cub scout troop, and ended up by not letting...

May 14, 1962
30, 31—Richard Meek32—Phil Bath59—Mark Kauffman60, 61—Tony Triolo, Wil Blanche, Mark Kauffman (2), George Barrow63, 69—Robert D. Huntzinger71—Sal Mangeri73—James Drake74—Lee Balterman97—Wil...

May 14, 1962
John Wrzesinski, a junior at Rocky Mountain (Mont.) College, lassoed the all-round cowboy award at the Montana State College Rodeo in Bozeman by winning two saddle bronc riding events and...

May 14, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
newest Indian was 29 feet tall and lugged a 22-foot bat. He stood, in neon and plastic splendor, on the roof of Municipal Stadium, and perhaps he helped inspire the Indians to hit nine homers....

May 14, 1962 | Pat Ryan
A Preakness quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of the $2 bettor and the racing expert

May 14, 1962 | Theodore M. O'Leary