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May 21, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 20

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 21, 1962

May 21, 1962 | Gerald Holland
The blight of progress that afflicts all American cities is eating away at Baltimore, pride of what its lamented sage, H. L. Mencken, always referred to as Maryland Free State.

May 21, 1962
BOATING—CHEERIO, 8-meter sloop owned by Richard Bradley of San Diego, crossed the line third behind the first official finisher. Lain Kai, a 46-foot catamaran, but won the 125-mile...

May 21, 1962
23—Jerry Cooke28—Phil Bath45—Saul Leiter49—John Lewis Stage-Lensgroup50-54—drawings by Tom Allen64—John G. Zimmerman83—Ralph Morse-LIFE86, 88—Herb Scharfman93—James Drake117—J. Rolfe...

May 21, 1962
Jim Columbo, 12, of Omaha, was the surprise winner of the handicap event at the Golden West Grand American Trapshoot in Reno. Shooting from the 19½-yard line, Columbo shattered 98 targets out of...

May 21, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
If nothing else, showed versatility. Three outfield errors led to one loss, poor pitching to another and overall ineptitude to a third. One man felt he could relax the Cubs by turning a hose on...

May 21, 1962
FAIR PLAY FOR SONNYSirs:I am flabbergasted at both your SCORECARD editorial and article, No Fight for Sonny (May 7). There is no sense of fair play or giving a man a break in your reporting or the...

May 21, 1962 | Alfred Wright
Disclosing a new technique that has made his unbelievable tee shots even better, Arnold Palmer this week carried his siege of the professional golf tour to the Colonial National Invitation in Fort...

May 21, 1962 | Jerry Lucas
The best college basketball player of his day (and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Sportsman of the Year), Jerry Lucas has now made up his mind about his future. In this exclusive article he announces his...

May 21, 1962
The moment Eddie Sachs is living through in the cockpit of his speeding Offenhauser racer (above) and in retrospect (right) is one few drivers would want to share. Coming out of the third turn of...

May 21, 1962
The first Intercollegiate Elephant Race Meeting in human history—and perhaps the last—ended last week in this plod-away victory by Harvard's 4½-ton entry Sonita, Joe Russin up. The meet, in...

May 21, 1962 | Jim Brosnan

May 21, 1962
Floyd Patterson tells his story. In the first of three articles from his autobiography, he describes his progress from frightened boyhood to victory in the Olympics in Helsinki.

May 21, 1962 | Percy Knauth

May 21, 1962 | John O'Reilly

May 21, 1962
In the summer of 1924, before most Americans even owned a bathing suit, the fish in Long Island Sound suddenly saw a pretty, bare-legged girl whiz by on the surface. Today, for fish everywhere in...

May 21, 1962 | William Collins

May 21, 1962 | William Collins
(heavy arrows show wind and current)

May 21, 1962 | William Collins
Sail maker Lowell North of San Diego, three-time winner of the world Star boat championship, tells how to keep a class boat in the best condition for fast, safe, comfortable sailing.

May 21, 1962 | William Collins
Channel buoys (shown right with corresponding nautical chart symbols) indicate proper course and warn of navigational hazards. Proceeding into port or upstream, keep red, even-numbered buoys to...

May 21, 1962

May 21, 1962
•Gary Player, explaining why he just missed a 197-yard hole-in-one at the Colonial Invitational: "I couldn't read the break in the green from the tee."

May 21, 1962
Sitting on a rock by a lake watching a sunset over the Grand Tetons, this boy and girl show something new for the water and the woods: cover-up clothes which, unlike the Army-surplus parkas and...

May 21, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
After several months on the pro tour and plenty of time spent in observation, experimentation and practice, I have finally gotten the knack of a shot that is quite difficult for most golfers. This...

May 21, 1962 | Rex Lardner
The men of Project Mercury cover the range of sports from archery to doing tricks on trampolines

May 21, 1962 | Walter Bingham
Rich Rollins (he's Pie) and Bernie Allen (Ty) are rookies, so don't tell them that Minnesota is a second-division team

May 21, 1962 | Charles Goren
A stout Florida sea breeze may sharpen the appetite and stiffen the spine, but bridge players who migrate to Miami year after year have found that it also blows away their instinctive sense of...

May 21, 1962 | Huston Horn
The national lacrosse championship may well have been decided by the Navy-Hopkins game. Navy said all along it would win—and it did

May 21, 1962 | Whitney Tower
The Derby winner tackles the front-runners on a Pimlico track that is all in their favor

May 21, 1962 | Jule Campbell
Until some Nosy Parker of a scientist comes up with proof to the contrary, air is still lighter than water—and a whole industry continues to thrive on this bit of elementary physics. It all...

May 21, 1962 | Jack Olsen
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