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May 28, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 21

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Floyd Patterson Cover - Sports Illustrated May 28, 1962

May 28, 1962

May 28, 1962
•Stan Musial, after his 3,430th base hit, tying Honus Wagner's alltime National League record: "Looking back over the last two decades, 1 feel that right now I'm playing in the best era of...

May 28, 1962 | KENNETH RUDEEN
Racing, which routinely registers spectacular statistics, goes on a happy 24-hour splurge featuring some long-shot winners, rich prizes and stirring competition—fresh evidence that this is one...

May 28, 1962 | Whitney Tower
Of the 33,854 sweltering souls who were present for the homestretch duel between Greek Money and Ridan in the 86th Preakness at Pimlico last Saturday, few were aware that they were seeing one of...

May 28, 1962 | Jack Kramer
For years the mossbacks of amateur tennis have insisted they would all be for open tennis—if only that terrible fellow Jack Kramer weren't waiting to grab control of it. After 10 years as a...

May 28, 1962
This forlorn figure, writhing in pain in the dust of a New York park, is baseball's most valuable property, the American League's biggest gate attraction and, for eight of the last 10 seasons, the...

May 28, 1962 | John Underwood

May 28, 1962
The giants of San Francisco, reinforced by elderly imports from the American League, have taken a firm grip on first place in the National League. Walter Bingham tells how.

May 28, 1962
America's largest sports audience—upward of 200,000 passionately interested people—will make a noisy festival next Wednesday of the world's richest sporting event. That, of course, is the...

May 28, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
That's what they're saying at Indianapolis as the '500' gets set for the fastest race ever—the first in the new era of 150 mph

May 28, 1962 | Tex Maule
Two big men astonished themselves by breaking world records at the Coliseum Relays, but the evening's biggest shock was the one Peter Snell gave Dyrol Burleson in the last lap of a great mile

May 28, 1962 | Charles Goren
The Blackwood Four-Five No Trump convention has long been incorporated into our bidding methods as a highly useful device. Unfortunately, however, it has a tendency to break down from overwork....

May 28, 1962 | Huston Horn
They may be poor fielders or slow runners or senior citizens but each and every one will do in a pinch

May 28, 1962 | Lowell North
To me the most exciting sport in the world is racing class boats—day sailers built to certain specific designs so they can compete on equal terms with other boats in their own class. First, I...

May 28, 1962 | Lowell North
For cold, wet conditions, foul-weather jacket (1) or skin-diver's wet suit (2) is essential. Flotation cushion (3) or small kapok life jacket (4) stows easily. Nonskid sneakers (5) and sun cream...

May 28, 1962 | Lowell North
In the June 11 issue Eugenie Matron, who has held 15 records in a lifetime of deep-sea fishing, tells how to handle a big powerboat.

May 28, 1962 | Floyd Patterson

May 28, 1962 | Floyd Patterson
These articles are taken from Floyd Patterson's autobiography, Victory over Myself. Written in collaboration with Milton Gross, it will be published this week by Bernard Geis Associates ($3.95).

May 28, 1962 | Floyd Patterson
Patterson gives his own account of the first Johansson fight, when he was knocked down seven times in one round and lost the title.

May 28, 1962
BOXING—CASSIUS MARCELLUSCLAY, unabashable heavyweight whose press-agentry is as effective as his uppercut, beat Billy Daniels in New York for his 14th win in as many fights. It was Daniels' first...

May 28, 1962
22, 23—Jerry Cooke26, 27—A.P.28-30—James Drake39-42—Art Shay48—Phil Bath57—A.P.85—Charles B. Corey-Boston Globe, Bermuda News Bureou, A.P., Maurice Lehv86—A.P.

May 28, 1962
Barry Needham, 18, right-handed senior on Randolph (Mass.) High School baseball team, pitched four no-hitters in a row, striking out 64 bemused batters and giving his bored outfield lots of time...

May 28, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEAfter hitting four homers in the first 25 games Detroit's Dick Brown hit two in one day, prompting him to say, "Home runs are funny things." They did not seem so funny to Manager...

May 28, 1962
PLENTY OF MUSTARD Sirs: Walter Bingham's story on baseball's colorful "hot dogs" (Players with Magic, April 30) made me smile in full agreement. The paragraph about Bobby Bragan reminds me of an...

May 28, 1962
An Indianapolis "500" quiz to test the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

May 28, 1962
Races and rallies through June 24

May 28, 1962 | Alice Doubleday Rhoades
When my grandchildren finally reach the age of deep and serious concern about life, I am going to choose just the right moment to make a startling philosophical observation.