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June 11, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 23

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated June 11, 1962

June 11, 1962
BOATING—WINSOME III surged through spinnaker-ripping winds of 45 mph and some of the slickest competition around Puget Sound to take the overall title in the rough, 136-mile Swiftsure Lightship...

June 11, 1962
Billy Spencer, 12, of Sarasota, Fla. soared to a new national junior boys' water-ski jump record of 83 feet in the Jacksonville Open Jump Classics. The son of a water-ski-school operator, Billy...

June 11, 1962
20—drawings by Allen Beechel24—Jerry Cooke35—Simpson Kalisher-FORTUNE36, 37—Robert D. Huntzinger84—Richard Clarkson106—Minneapolis Morning Tribune, Karreno Photo109—A.P.

June 11, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
NATIONAL LEAGUEAn infection was spreading in Pittsburgh. It all began with Vernon Law, who did not allow a walk and won twice. Similar success spread to Harvey Haddix, who pitched his first...

June 11, 1962
THE CHALLENGESirs:Many times in the past I have felt the urge to compliment—or criticize—a magazine. Usually I have been able to resist that urge. This time I cannot!

June 11, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell
The gray-green water off Marblehead, although still retaining the stored cold of winter, sparkled in the spring sunshine. Wispy hooks and streamers of cloud patterned the sky. Floats of lobster...

June 11, 1962 | Whitney Tower
A classic challenge at a mile and a half, the Belmont proves trainers as much as horses. This year the men behind the entries are a colorful crew

June 11, 1962 | Alfred Wright

June 11, 1962
College Rowing reaches a climax as 13 colleges meet in the IRA regatta on New York's Onondaga Lake. Six pages of color and a report on the participating teams herald the race.

June 11, 1962 | Roy Terrell
They begin to arrive at the site of the 62nd U.S. Open this weekend, all those golfers with the famous names: Palmer, Player, Finsterwald, Casper, Nicklaus, Sanders, Littler, Bolt. These are the...

June 11, 1962 | Floyd Patterson

June 11, 1962
The charter captain perched high in his lookout tower scans the water beyond the wake where the baits are skipping. There is a sudden flash of sunlight on a dark sickle cutting through the...

June 11, 1962 | Eugenie Marron
"Whenever I think of fishing I think of great adventure—of tuna sounding deep off Nova Scotia's ragged coast and big marlin, like the one opposite, thrashing on the surface of the blue Pacific. I...

June 11, 1962 | Eugenie Marron
In the June 25 issue Rod Stephens Jr., marine engineer, America's Cup racer and one of the best blue-water yachtsmen in the world, tells how to get the most from a cruising boat under sail.

June 11, 1962

June 11, 1962
•Sonny Liston, on Floyd Patterson's chances against him: "He won't last five rounds. I want to have more time to talk to the sportswriters. I have to be home at a certain time and I can't go 15...

June 11, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
The corps is Wilke, Watson and Ward, and they harvested the richest Indy through flawless planning and execution

June 11, 1962
The coolest look around this summer—and the hottest fashion gambit—is not ladies in Pucci pants, but ladies in Wragge shorts. While the silky, long-pants look from Italy has taken over the...

June 11, 1962 | Huston Horn
Manny Jimenez of the Kansas City Athletics has a perplexing name, an oddball style and the best hitting average in the league

June 11, 1962 | Roy Terrell
The international championship will focus the attention of the largest audience drawn to a single contest

June 11, 1962 | James Ransom
All fathers love baseball and were good at it when they were little. (The average lifetime batting average of the average American father is .800.) Mothers hate it, though they were even better at...