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June 18, 1962 | Volume 16, Issue 24

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated June 18, 1962

June 18, 1962 | Whitney Tower
The three colts blazing through the stretch (below) are running the race of their lives. The three jockeys are approaching the climax of their efforts for a winning ride. One of them, Willie...

June 18, 1962 | Alfred Wright

June 18, 1962
In spite of their elegant morning coats and fancy pants, the well-born boys of Eton College, England's most celebrated "public" (i.e., private) school, are tireless devotees of sport. Their...

June 18, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle
Championship Sports, Inc., born Feature Sports, has earned the name because of the blunders it has made in promoting title fights around the country. This fall CSI will get a whack at the city of...

June 18, 1962
The U.S. Open could be a weird and colorful event. Alfred Wright describes the battle at Oakmont for golf's big title, and John Zimmerman's color camera focuses on the leaders.

June 18, 1962
Patterns of swift symmetry like those formed on the waters of the Severn River by the Navy crew at right are aspects of rowing visible to all. Less visible from the shore but just as apparent in...

June 18, 1962 | Roger Williams
So says one coach whose crew, like a dozen others, will give all they've got at Syracuse

June 18, 1962 | Arthur Zich
A thin-skinned yawl with an ingenious steel skeleton is coming into the Bermuda race with a reputation as a winner—and a rule-beater

June 18, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell
With his yawl Finisterre in temporary retirement, Carleton Mitchell, the only three-time winner of the Bermuda race, reflects on a skippers decisive moments.

June 18, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
The need for a left-handed golf shot (by a right-handed golfer) occurs more often and on more critical occasions than most golfers think. It is a good shot to know, I can tell you, as I have had...

June 18, 1962 | Alice Higgins
Despite a tragicomic succession of accidents, it was a splendid show, enlivened by three unabashed refugees from the Thoroughbred racetrack

June 18, 1962 | Charles Goren
Some of the country's better bridge players rarely if ever take part in a tournament, with the result that their skill is known only in the comparatively narrow circles in which they play rubber...

June 18, 1962 | John O'Reilly

June 18, 1962 | John O'Reilly
Although America's great national parks and national forests are prepared to sleep 300,000 campers any night from now through September, many thousands will be turned away. Neither national parks...

June 18, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEWith the score tied, Twins runners on first and second, two out in the sixth inning and a 3-2 count on Don Mincher, Washington Manager Mickey Veinon tried some ingenious strategy....

June 18, 1962
GOLF—GENE LITTLER, the stoic from California, stroked a five-under-par 67 in the final round of the $100,000 Thunderbird tournament on the Upper Montclair (N.J.) course to win golf's biggest cash...

June 18, 1962
48—Tony Triolo, Bob Moreland-Gilloon50—Eliot Elisofon-LIFE58, 59—John G. Zimmerman71—A.P., U.P.I.72—William Roberts-Bahamas News Bureau, A.P., Elwood P. Smith, Bill Lamneck-Evansville Press, U.P.I.

June 18, 1962
Albert Van Der Riet, captain of the delegation from South Africa at the six-day international tuna tournament in Cat Cay, Bahamas, caught a tuna a day to help win the prize over eight other teams....

June 18, 1962
PRO LUCASSirs:If the majority of people are as snide, cynical and sarcastic as those who wrote in about Jerry Lucas and his decision to turn pro (19TH HOLE, June 4), he is wasting—on a lot of...

June 18, 1962

June 18, 1962
•Willie Mosconi, on the rise of billiards: "Now, I'd like to put pool in nice places with plush carpets. Put it in the light where everyone can see and enjoy it."

June 18, 1962 | Nancy Pierce
A Wimbledon quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

June 18, 1962 | Duncan Barnes
The new Ruger carbine is a lightweight semiautomatic rifle that fires a whopping .44-magnum revolver cartridge

June 18, 1962 | Bernard Darwin