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July 09, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 2

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Gretl Cover - Sports Illustrated July 09, 1962

July 09, 1962
At times last week it seemed they were everywhere: on the courts at Wimbledon (all but the champ, who was dumped early); on the golf course at Myrtle Beach, working out a new pecking order;...

July 09, 1962 | William Leggett
Ranked as a second-division team in the American League before the season started, the upstart Los Angeles Angels have surprised everyone by clinging close to the top of the standings

July 09, 1962 | Whitney Tower
If all Ireland was disappointed that one of its own did not win the Derby, there was consolation in the fact that the race was a big step forward in international competition

July 09, 1962 | Roy Terrell
In a unique schoolroom at California's Riverside racetrack, ex-Champion Carroll Shelby and Designer Pete Brock show hopeful Phil Hills how to put polish on the lead in their feet

July 09, 1962
Putting is the golfers' nemesis, especially the pros'. Putting is an evil that causes pain, panic and anguish. Writer Dan Jenkins gets the pros to lie on the couch and tell their troubles.

July 09, 1962 | Tex Maule
The glowering young Hercules on the opposite page is Gary Jay Gubner, who is very likely the strongest 19-year-old alive. His thighs are as big around as Floyd Patterson's waist, and his waist is...

July 09, 1962 | Robert Creamer
Goshen, N.Y., the county seat of Orange County, is a homely little town that's awfully pretty. It has hot, narrow streets cramped with ugly frame buildings, and a railroad track at ground level...

July 09, 1962 | Mary Jane Hodges
A first look at the Australian boat, 'Gretel,' reveals the meticulous refinements that make her a worthy challenger for the America's cup

July 09, 1962 | Charles Goren
Games have contributed richly to our vocabulary. When you use such expressions as "passing the buck," "calling the turn" or "left in the lurch," you may not even be aware that you are speaking the...

July 09, 1962 | Tex Maule
Poland's Janusz Sidlo has fashioned a good life for himself with his wooden javelin. Now he wants to throw U.S. steel

July 09, 1962 | Huston Horn

July 09, 1962

July 09, 1962
•Billy Goodman, Houston infielder, on the slow plane the Colt .45s took to Los Angeles: "That was the Bo Belinsky Bomber. It came in high at 5:30 in the morning."

July 09, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
He threw nine pitches in the first inning and struck out three Mets, and for more than half the game the big question was whether Sandy Koufax of would break the single-game strikeout record. The...

July 09, 1962
CHESS—TIGRAN PETROSIAN, the methodical Russian master, won the Candidates' Tournament in Willemstad, Curacao with a total of 17½ points, consisting of eight wins, no losses and 19 draws. Ewfim...

July 09, 1962
Cover—David Moore-Black Star14, 15—James Drake (2), Art Shay16—Herb Scharfman20, 24—Gordon Chittenden49-51—Art Shay52—Brian Seed57—A.P.60—Tony Triolo65—Fred Kaplan, A.P.66—Dan Hardy-Houston Post,...

July 09, 1962
Alvin Odom Jr., 24, of Beaumont. Texas led throughout the National Left-handers golf tournament at the Golf-crest Country Club in Houston, to take the title with a four-under-par 276 for 72 holes....

July 09, 1962
LARDY DUDESirs:Boy, that Jack Nicklaus is really great, isn't he! Yes siree! He beat Arnold Palmer in winning his first professional tournament and so now he has become a "superstar," a "wonder...