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July 23, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 4

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Barbara McAlister Cover - Sports Illustrated July 23, 1962

July 23, 1962 | Alfred Wright

July 23, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin
Welterweight Champion Emile Griffith overcame tricky Ralph Dupas—and his own nightmares—in his first fight since he punched Benny Paret to death in New York four months ago

July 23, 1962
This disheveled hulk, here being towed ignominiously into Newport, R.I. by her powered tender, is the onetime queen of the sea, Columbia, victorious defender of the America's Cup in 1958. Heavy...

July 23, 1962 | Coles Phinizy

July 23, 1962
In the Philadelphia suburb of Newtown Square this week some 150 athletes are busy at their trade in professional golf's very own tournament, the 44th PGA Championship. The course they are playing,...

July 23, 1962 | John Underwood

July 23, 1962 | Walter Bingham
A steady decline in attendance at Milwaukee—a 1.1 million dip in four years—may cause one of baseball's fattest franchises to strike out

July 23, 1962 | Arthur Brawley
A controversial commissioner's concrete ideas bring summer residents or a once peaceful sandspit running to the barricades

July 23, 1962 | William Leggett
Carry Back and Ridan began winning once more, to highlight American racing's richest day

July 23, 1962 | Charles Goren
Baseball's Minnesota Twins have done much to ease the fierce sibling rivalry between residents of the Twin Cities, and now, at the Hotel Leamington in Minneapolis, a bridge team will attempt to...

July 23, 1962 | Charles Goren

July 23, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell
The Mediterranean's music is an ancient, haunting melody that sounds for the sailor who takes his time. This is the story of a cruise on which the clock was stopped, and from Portofino through the...

July 23, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell
Yachting season off Italian coast runs from April to October; peak months are July and August when demand raises charter prices 10 to 15%. Normal rates range from $10 per day for a 15-foot...

July 23, 1962 | Frank Deford
THE ALL-STAR GAMEUnaccustomed as they are to seeing stars on two teams at the same time, the Washington spectators who crowded into the District of Columbia's beautiful new stadium were bound to...

July 23, 1962
BICYCLE RACING—JACQUES ANQUETIL, 28, of France, after 22 days and 2,654 miles, coasted into Paris ahead of some 100 other perspiring opponents to become overall winner of the Tour de France by...

July 23, 1962
17—Reuter Photo22-27—Coles Phinizy29—Hy Peskin30—John G. Zimmerman, Richard Meek31—Hy Peskin, John G. Zimmerman32—Hy Peskin35-39—Phil Bath41—Mark Kauffman44—Tony Triolo55—map by Bill...

July 23, 1962
Elizabeth Wheelwright, a Seattle physical therapist, was one of three women to qualify for the National White Water Kayak Championships on California's Feather River—and the only one able to...

July 23, 1962
SOUTHERN-FRIED BROOKSirs:Mel Allen's mother hit the southern-fried nail right on its babbling head (Baseball's Babbling Brook, July 9). I, too, wish he was a shoemaker.PAUL T. DAVENPORTSummit, N.J.

July 23, 1962

July 23, 1962
•Speedster Maury Wills of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who has already stolen half the bases he needs to break Ty Cobb's record of 96 in one season: "It's impossible to steal more than 60 bases in one...