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August 06, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 6

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Paul Runyan Cover - Sports Illustrated August 06, 1962

August 06, 1962

August 06, 1962
•Dodger Sandy Koufax, after injury to his pitching hand benched him in the middle of his best season: "I feel like Job. I can't get mad at anybody except the Lord, and if I do that I'm afraid...

August 06, 1962 | Igor Ter-Ovanesyan

August 06, 1962 | William Leggett
Snooping and clever tactics brought victory to Seven Thirty over the best field of ladies in years

August 06, 1962 | Charles Goren
Noisy bridge enthusiasts cheered as the Minneapolis-St. Paul team got off fast, sagged sadly in the middle, then came on strong to win the title of Bridge Capital of the U.S.

August 06, 1962 | Huston Horn

August 06, 1962
The muted, misty paintings on these and the following pages evoke the beauty of the East's last wilderness area—the Allagash of northern Maine. Long known as classic canoe country, the Allagash...

August 06, 1962 | Duncan Barnes
Since Henry David Thoreau traversed it in a birch-bark canoe more than a century ago, the Allagash country has changed. The dense forest, the jeweled lakes and the sparkling brooks he wrote about...

August 06, 1962 | Paul Runyan

August 06, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle
Organized to beat the band, the Cubs rarely beat anyone except their five-man coaching staff

August 06, 1962 | Alice Higgins
The animals were fine but the riders were gaudy at the annual Lexington Junior League show

August 06, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin

August 06, 1962 | Frank Deford
NATIONAL LEAGUEBenny (Beat 'Em, Bucs) Benack is making no friends in Pittsburgh, where he leads a band that sometimes entertains at Forbes Field. There is a feeling among the Pirates that, when...

August 06, 1962
38-43—drawings by Francis Golden44—Lee Balterman52—Hy Peskin63—A.P.64—A.P. (2), Steve Carmichael-Montgomery Advertiser, Francis V. Smith, R. J. Osborne

August 06, 1962
John Quinlan, 15, of Turtle Creek, Pa., practicing to make his high school golf team next year, scored three holes-in-one in a single day on a 61-par layout at Penhurst (Pa.). His aces came on two...

August 06, 1962
BOATING—WEATHERLY, smartly skippered by Bus Mosbacher, sailed well through a strong southwest wind to win the 24-mile Queen's Cup race from Block Island to Newport, R.I. over four other top...

August 06, 1962
CASHING IN ON OFF-TRACK CACHESirs:Thanks to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and to the finding of Newsboy Moriarty's millions (The Honest Bookie Who Didn't Like Banks, July 16), a proposal to legalize...