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August 20, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 8

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Don Drysdale Cover - Sports Illustrated August 20, 1962

August 20, 1962

August 20, 1962
•Orlando Pena, Athletics' pitcher, after beating Cleveland 5 to 2 in his first American League start: "I don't use a spitter. I just throw a sinking fast ball like Lou Burdette."

August 20, 1962 | Duncan Barnes
He wants to shoot ducks, but the U.S. Government doesn't give him much of a chance; and friends are telling him—violently—that the Government is wrong

August 20, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Motorcycle road racing is not just riding around. It unites man and machine in a wonderfully complex sequence of conditioned reflexes, involving front and rear wheel brakes, a whole series of...

August 20, 1962 | Bobby Fischer

August 20, 1962
Some people say all golfers are nuts, but the golfers shown on these pages are, every one, fine, responsible citizens of southern California—and people in southern California are just as steady as...

August 20, 1962 | Huston Horn

August 20, 1962
Seven beauties of tennis—in color photographs—salute the Forest Hills tournament, and Jonathan Rhoades recounts Father Rhoades' hilarious adventures on the court.

August 20, 1962
When James A. Henshall wrote his classic Book of the Black Bass in 1881 he courted the ire of trout and salmon fishermen alike by describing the bass as "inch for inch and pound for pound, the...

August 20, 1962 | Whitney Tower

August 20, 1962 | Fred R. Smith
The two students at right, pictured amid the reverberating oompahs of the University of Wisconsin marching band, are wearing coats that demonstrate the strong military character of this year's...

August 20, 1962 | Charles Goren
The author's team lost the big event at the Summer Nationals after he broke a rib and his favorite partner had a spider sit down beside her

August 20, 1962 | Arlie Schardt
The AAU meet saw records fall, champions win, and also offered a peek at a future Olympic threat

August 20, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
Ideally in match play you should compete against the course and not your opponent, but there are many times when you must check your opponent's position, and the percentages, before proceeding....

August 20, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin

August 20, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEBaseball is getting dull? Not the way they went at it in Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, where there were 22,700 casualties from cannon and rifle fire. It was a pregame reenactment of...

August 20, 1962
AUTO RACING—NATHAN OSTICH, 52, became one of the only men who has ever walked away after a 331-mph automobile skid. The Los Angeles doctor calmly popped the parachute brake on his jet-powered...

August 20, 1962
14—Joern Gerdts18—Tony Triolo25—Neil Leifer59—James Drake61, 63—Art Shay81—A.P.82—A.P. (2), Minneapolis Star, Don Cormier-Los Angeles Times

August 20, 1962
George Cusick, an automobile mechanic from Cambridge, Md., drove his 145-cu.-in. hydroplane, Red Top, to a world record speed of 64.332 mph over a five-mile course during his home town's powerboat...

August 20, 1962
JUMPING WITH JOYSirs:Congratulations for what must go down as the journalistic scoop of the year and a milestone in the improvement of Russo-American relations (A Soviet Champion Tells His Own...

August 20, 1962 | Nancy Pierce
A U.S. Singles Championships quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

August 20, 1962 | Maia Rodman
Here is a handy guide for the would-be novelist planning to write about 'la fiesta brava'