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August 27, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 9

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Helga Schultze Cover - Sports Illustrated August 27, 1962

August 27, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
The British turned to youth in a determined effort to wrest the Curtis Cup away from a strong team of U.S. women golfers, but the results in Colorado Springs were an old, old story

August 27, 1962
The smiling skipper behind the binnacle above may seem to be keeping a weather eye out for his wife and his child as they bounce along the waves, precariously perched in tandem on water skis. But...

August 27, 1962
Casey was a ballplayer. The Honolulu police knew all about that because Casey was a pitcher and first baseman on their local PAL team. But Casey was also a girl, and the cops, whose league was...

August 27, 1962 | Stanley Frank

August 27, 1962 | Barbara Heilman
This week the finest amateur tennis players from all over the world will arrive in Forest Hills, N.Y. to play in the national championships. Their number will include not only the most talented...

August 27, 1962
Newport beach, Calif. is the scene of a waterfront explosion that has blasted sandbars, into $100,000 lots. Jerome Martin paints the boom and Alfred Wright describes it in words.

August 27, 1962 | Ernest Schwiebert

August 27, 1962 | Charles Goren
Some hands are easy to play because they present only a single problem. Others are difficult because the declarer has a number of possibilities to consider; but even these complex hands become...

August 27, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
The delicate, soft explosion shot from a trap is a difficult one for most golfers, chiefly because they approach it with great uncertainty. They are tempted to chip it, then tempted to blast it,...

August 27, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Over the line slipped a pair of Canadians to plunder our rich International Trot

August 27, 1962

August 27, 1962
•Philip Bomford of England, after seeing his first major league baseball game: "I haven't really quite discovered the function of the coaches. Why doesn't the striker know what is going on as well...

August 27, 1962 | Jack McKinney
A relaxed heavyweight challenger decks his sparring partners with punches and his hangers-on with laughs as he wraps up 12 jolly weeks of training in New York's Borscht Circuit

August 27, 1962 | Walter Bingham
The rarefied atmosphere at 7,400 feet has long made it risky for foreign players to take on Mexico's Davis Cuppers at home, but an even more potent Mexican peril today is an agile whirlwind named...

August 27, 1962 | Pamela Knight

August 27, 1962 | Arthur Zich

August 27, 1962 | Jonathan Rhoades

August 27, 1962
BOATING—WEATHERLY clearly triumphed in four Straight America's Cup test races as the final series of observation trials opened in the watery battleground off Brenton Reef, R.I. Helmsman Bus...

August 27, 1962
13—Pat Coffey-Globe14, 15—A.P., Roma's Press Photo16, 17—Win Muldrow-Globe40—map by William Bernstein55—Thomas D. McAvoy59-61—Art Shay68—Canadian Industries Ltd., Dale Halliwell, Richard E....

August 27, 1962
Joan Birkland of Denver defeated Susan Williams 4 and 3 to win the Colorado women's golf title for the third straight year. Eight days later the versatile Mrs. Birkland won the state tennis...

August 27, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
They carried real trumpets and toy trumpets, old and new trumpets, and the 650 who brought them got in free on Trumpet Night in . This caused President Bill DeWitt to ask, "How about a Piano Night...

August 27, 1962
MARVELOUS METSSirs:I have read SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ever since it was published and I can't remember ever having enjoyed an article so much as the one by Jimmy Breslin on the New York Mets (Worst...

August 27, 1962 | Rex Lardner
Fidel Castro's Cubans came to Jamaica to win the Caribbean Games, but broken bones and defections accompanied their defeat