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September 17, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 12

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Sonny Liston Cover - Sports Illustrated September 17, 1962

September 17, 1962

September 17, 1962
•Australia's Percival Galea, a big bettor, after dropping $75.300 on the horses: "They are only getting some of their own money back. I've won about $450.000 recently."

September 17, 1962 | Floyd Patterson

September 17, 1962 | Tom C. Brody

September 17, 1962

September 17, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
In a conventional and good Detroit year, Buick and Studebaker are contesting Ford's Thunderbird market in the sports-luxury field

September 17, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell
Like 'Weatherly's' skipper, Bus Mosbacher (above), the world will be watching this week as Australia's 'Gretel' bids for the America's Cup

September 17, 1962

September 17, 1962 | Arthur Zich
Naval Architect Philip Rhodes is a methodical man who keeps a record of every telephone call that ever came into his office. One item in his notebook, dated July 18, 1957, reads: "Mr. H. D. Mercer...

September 17, 1962
When it was first announced in October 1959, by Field Marshal Sir William Slim, then Australia's Governor General and Commodore of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Australia's challenge for the...

September 17, 1962
If life imitated art or, at least, B pictures, the handsome athlete would wind up with the gorgeous chick, holding hands by the automatic dishwasher, listening to the kids gurgling over the family...

September 17, 1962 | Rex Lardner
Everything at the national singles championships was better this year, so it was no surprise when Rod Laver (below) became the second man in history to grab a Grand Slam

September 17, 1962 | Whitney Tower
The big chestnut colt from California shows he's the best of our 2-year-olds while the little man from Panama is unjustly set down

September 17, 1962 | Charles Goren
It used to be that it was only the number of spots on the pasteboards that mattered, but the ladies have now become the principal buyers and users of playing cards, and some strange and exotic...

September 17, 1962 | Joe David Brown

September 17, 1962 | Joe David Brown
It is a shame as well as a waste that sturgeon fishermen do not make their own caviar. Most of the larger fish are fairly bursting with roe, and the recipe is not particularly difficult. In...

September 17, 1962
AUTO RACING—LARRY FRANK of Greenville, S.C. was the winner of the Southern 500-mile NASCAR race in Darlington. S.C, but it took him a long time (see page 13). Nearly seven hours after Robert...

September 17, 1962
18-23—Steve Schapiro-Black Star25—Phil Bath40—Jerry Taylor42, 43—Richard Meek, drawing by Francis Golden44—Tony Triolo45—Keystone Press51, 52—Wil Blanche60—Phil Bath79—John A. Pratt, C. Cowles,...

September 17, 1962
Dicksie Hoyt, 16, won the national girls' water-ski-jumping title by leaping 82 feet at Callaway Gardens, Ga. A week later the New Jersey high school senior took (he North American girls' title at...

September 17, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEIt was hardly the place you would expect to find Jack Kennedy, but there he was in Washington with a bat in hand playing his first major league game. He swung with typical Kennedy...

September 17, 1962
ON THE BEACHSirs:We thoroughly enjoyed every word of your write-up of Newport Beach, Calif. (Boom Beach on the Blue Pacific, Sept. 3). But one objection we have to your TRAVEL FACTS is the glaring...

September 17, 1962 | Mary Jane Hodges
An America's Cup quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

September 17, 1962 | Dolly Connelly
It was launched long before Cape Canaveral, long before astronauts and Telstar, but it's just possible that Chet's crazy "satellite" is still in orbit