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October 01, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 14

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated October 01, 1962

October 01, 1962

October 01, 1962
•Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, an eternal optimist, to an overenthusiastic alumni gathering: "The trouble with you people is that you get carried away by my enthusiasm."

October 01, 1962 | Huston Horn

October 01, 1962 | Tom C. Brody
If the Los Angeles Dodgers hold together and win the National League pennant, it may be said that they stole it. More accurately, a slight, almost frail Dodger stole it. Maurice Morning Wills is...

October 01, 1962 | Alfred Wright
The most famous names in amateur golf came to grief in the woods of Pinehurst as the national championship was won by an unknown 20-year-old who managed to stick to the fairways

October 01, 1962 | Walter Bingham
To hear Penn State Coach Rip Engle tell it, his Nittany Lions couldn't beat Vassar. But when State crushed Navy last week, it was clear that it was the best in the East

October 01, 1962
The big fight in Chicago, its outcome and aftermath (including some interesting betting action by "The Mob") by Gilbert Rogin, plus a portfolio in color of fight action.

October 01, 1962
Bouncing along Washington's Puget Sound one dark night, a speedy little 20-foot outboard cabin cruiser caught up with a 1,200-foot raft of logs moving slowly under tow to an Everett, Wash....

October 01, 1962 | Robert Creamer

October 01, 1962 | Carleton Mitchell

October 01, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
While spectators shivered, Lehigh Hanover overcame a bad break and beat the favorite to give Stanley Dancer his second straight Little Brown Jug victory

October 01, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
It has often been claimed, and statistics tend to prove it, that in college football the Western Conference is supreme. Returns from key games last week indicate the pattern will hold up again...

October 01, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

October 01, 1962 | Mervin Hyman
Army over Syracuse. But Dietzel's passers will have to be sharp, his linemen tenacious.

October 01, 1962 | Tex Maule
Age need not be a prime factor in slowing down a pro football player. Frank Gifford (right) and his Giant teammates are out to prove that the right mental attitude offsets the years

October 01, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
The new 1963 Corvette is a Grand Touring car in every sense of the word and a road racer that will acquit itself well in any fast company, including the swift Ferraris

October 01, 1962 | Charles Goren
It is well known that Arnold Palmer is a bold and incisive golfer, but it wasn't until a recent Saturday night at Akron, Ohio that I found out he plays bridge the way he plays golf. I was in Akron...

October 01, 1962 | Jo Ahern Zill
Next season's swim wear will reflect the new modesty of the St. Tropez set and the sleekness of the scuba divers of California

October 01, 1962 | Jack Olsen
In the annals of mountaineering the north wall of the Eiger—the Ogre of the Bernese Alps—has a special and sinister place. Dozens of assaults have been made on the mile-high cliff of rotten rock...

October 01, 1962 | Jack Olsen
As if it had heard Lionel Terray's prediction, the Eiger mounts its implacable assault on the four climbers by rock-fall, ice field and avalanche, while gale and cold compound their desperation.

October 01, 1962 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEPedro Ramos of Cleveland walked into a Kansas City police station, pulled out a pistol and began firing—at targets on the police pistol range. He scored better than the Indians (3-3...

October 01, 1962
BAIT CASTING—JON TARANTINO, 26-year-old furniture importer from San Francisco and many-time amateur casting champion, bettered a world record of his own at the world tournament in Rotterdam, The...

October 01, 1962
20—drawings by Charmatz, Steve Schapiro-Black Star22, 23—Lee Balterman28, 29—Neil Leifer32—Herb Scharfman39—Tony Triolo40-42—Richard Meek48—Carry Tolman-Seattle Post Intelligencer55—Daniel R....

October 01, 1962
Ralph T. Lewis, 85, a Marion, Ohio golfer who has been playing his home course for 41 years, finally got a hole in one. He used a four-wood to sink his tee shot on the 140-yard ninth hole, then...

October 01, 1962
SPLIT AND POLISHSirs:After learning of golf purse-splitting (The Big Golf Secret, Sept. 24), may I suggest a similar deal between Ford and Drysdale, Hornung and Gifford or even Carry Back and...