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October 22, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 17

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated October 22, 1962

October 22, 1962

October 22, 1962
•Darrell Royal, Texas coach, asked what he used to think about before the Texas game when he was an All-America quarterback at Oklahoma: "Self-preservation."

October 22, 1962 | Walter Bingham

October 22, 1962 | Lee Griggs
Golf-crazy Japan was the setting for the World Amateur tournament in which the American team, lovingly served by its tiny caddies, won again

October 22, 1962
Two great Pacific storms, clashing over the California coast, poured a record rainfall down upon San Francisco, penning the World Series rivals restlessly in their rooms and turning star-crossed...

October 22, 1962
Life can be hard when you quarterback a young pro club. Tex Maule describes, color photographs show what can happen when Minnesota's Fran Tarkenton drops back to pass.

October 22, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle

October 22, 1962
When Exurbanite Artist Austin Briggs landed in Boise en route to join an elk hunt he wore his best London suit. A Chevalier du Tastevin, Briggs gamely gulped Thunderbird wine and coffee that...

October 22, 1962 | William Barry Furlong

October 22, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
Tradition to the contrary, not all fierce and ancient rivalries are confined to the short, chill afternoons of late November. As the huge, intensely partisan crowds that packed into stadiums at...

October 22, 1962 | Gwilym S. Brown
Ohio State over Northwestern. Not even Tom Myers can pull this one through.

October 22, 1962 | John Underwood
Jack Faulkner, the youngest pro coach, has his American League team in first place—and the town in love with him

October 22, 1962 | Charles Goren
East wigwags, 'Please don't lead clubs,' but West understands that a signal is not necessarily an order and finds a way to set the contract

October 22, 1962 | Roy Terrell
Some reflections on the World Series and the season just past lead to a surprising discovery concerning the American League

October 22, 1962 | Gilbert Rogin

October 22, 1962
BASEBALL—THE WORLD SERIES found Giants losing three to Yankees, Yankees losing two to Giants and both teams losing to the weather. The fifth game was postponed one day in New York, and then the...

October 22, 1962
21—Jim Vincent-Oregon Journal22—Bob Peterson48-50—Lee Balterman56—Photo Associates, Inc.81—Al J. Herman, Pete Waldmeir, Cry-Dun, Bernard B. Brown, Gene's Photo Shop

October 22, 1962
Johnny White, 29, of Warren, Mich., who races a 283-cubic-inch Offenhauser on the Midwest's International Motor Contest Association circuit, roared to a big win in the last race of the season,...

October 22, 1962
BEAR BRADSHAWSirs:In the interest of fair play and good sportsmanship I would like to thank you for publishing the article exposing the chain-gang tactics of those two mule drivers masquerading as...

October 22, 1962 | Mary Ann Gould
Fencing, once considered a comic imitation of sport essentially practiced by the Three Musketeers and Douglas Fairbanks, has developed a new public acceptance in the past 10 years. Fencers have...

October 22, 1962 | Irving Rudd
Al Davis was known as a mean fighter in the ring and in the streets—and his final fight was the meanest of all