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October 29, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 18

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Fran Tarkenton Cover - Sports Illustrated October 29, 1962

October 29, 1962 | Kenneth Rudeen
Two California races produce 140,000 people, the world's best drivers, and a surprise winner

October 29, 1962 | Walter Bingham
With only a minute to play, the first-ranked team in the country was losing to the underdog University of Arkansas. Then a chorus of whoops and hollers signaled a Longhorn victory

October 29, 1962
Alert for aerial attack, men raced across the deck of the carrier "Independence" one day last week—in a game of touch football. A grimmer task lay ahead for them but for the moment at least those...

October 29, 1962 | Tex Maule
Fran Tarkenton, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, has to scramble to save his young life

October 29, 1962 | William Leggett
FORECAST FOR A NEW PRO SEASONA thorough look at the National Basketball Association, with some predictions on who will finish where and an examination of the strong, young team that may start the...

October 29, 1962
No teams in professional sport are more dependent on their best individual performers than those in the NBA. As the new basketball season begins the hopes of every team—which are analyzed...

October 29, 1962 | Jack Nicklaus
You have driven into a fairway sand trap and are not only some distance from the green, but also have a poor lie. What can be done? Well, first, stay calm, for you have not necessarily lost a...

October 29, 1962 | Alice Higgins
An energetic young ex-rider is changing the décor, eliminating the dowdiness and generally jazzing up the tempo of New York's National

October 29, 1962 | Robert Creamer
Deep in the heart of Texas' Panhandle, two of the best runners in the U.S. renewed their year-old battle for the national college rushing title

October 29, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

October 29, 1962 | Mervin Hyman
LSU over Florida. A more solid defense and Jerry Stovall will see LSU through.

October 29, 1962 | John Lovesey
Near the pyramids, keen-eyed Soviet marksmen swept the world championships despite the sharpshooting of a quiet American

October 29, 1962 | Allan Seager
During my first week at Oxford I decided not to go out for any sports in the fall, or Michaclmas, term. My college offered Rugby, soccer, field hockey and something referred to as "the boats." I...

October 29, 1962
BASEBALL—WORLD SERIES went to the New York Yankees as the '60 Series goat, right-hander Ralph Terry, became the '62 hero. Terry won the deciding game 1-0 to give the Yanks their 20th championship,...

October 29, 1962
17—Los Angeles Times18, 19—Frank Scherschel20, 22—Stuart Smith-Globe25—Arthur Rickerby-LIFE36—Phil Bath37—John G. Zimmerman41—Herb Scharfman42—George Long51—Bob Peterson56—U.P.I.58—Alan...

October 29, 1962
Andrew Jitkoff, 59, is retiring as tennis pro at Houston's River Oaks club to devote more time as a professor of Russian at Rice. In his 25 years at River Oaks, he built its annual April...

October 29, 1962
OF TIME AND THE PLAYOFFSirs:Considering events of the last three weeks we await apologies from all self-appointed detractors of baseball, whose major complaints are that baseball is dull and...

October 29, 1962
•Doug Weaver, Kansas State after being hanged in effigy on campus: "I'm glad it happened in front of the library. I've always emphasized scholarship."

October 29, 1962

October 29, 1962
•Doug Weaver, Kansas State after being hanged in effigy on campus: "I'm glad it happened in front of the library. I've always emphasized scholarship."

October 29, 1962 | Pat Ryan
A Garden State Stakes quiz to tease the memory and add to the knowledge of the $2 bettor and the armchair expert

October 29, 1962 | Parke Cummings
Is it just wistful remembrance, or is it really true that men like Red Roberts were more distinctive personalities than today's heroes?