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December 17, 1962 | Volume 17, Issue 25

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Frank Gifford Cover - Sports Illustrated December 17, 1962

December 17, 1962 | Tex Maule

December 17, 1962 | Virginia Kraft
More than 40 dogs competed for the championship at Weldon Spring, Missouri, but Kansan proved he was the best one of all

December 17, 1962 | Robert H. Boyle

December 17, 1962
The dream is the same as at Harvard Stadium—the soft, green turf, the large crowd cheering every move, the music, the uniforms bright and clean. But for Crash, Cuddles, Zonk, Razz, Nippy and the...

December 17, 1962 | Charles Goren
This year in Copenhagen three men well remembered by U.S. experts for their fine play in World Championship team matches helped Sweden win the Scandinavian Championship, topping Denmark, Norway,...

December 17, 1962 | Charles Goren

December 17, 1962 | Rex Lardner
The muscles used in the golf swing are subjected to some extremely vigorous activity. These quick, simple exercises can both strengthen and soothe them

December 17, 1962 | Dan Jenkins
After six jolting days Ken McLean won the world saddle bronc title—and praise from the old master

December 17, 1962 | Frank Deford
Bill Bradley, the best Ivy League player in years, has already set a mark not even the NBA can match

December 17, 1962
Last month a Michigan housewife and mother of three presented some personal and pertinent comments on the conduct of physical fitness programs in the U.S. (SI, Nov. 12). Mrs. Richard J. Ross...

December 17, 1962
On South Carolina's Hilton Head, many of the best things in life are just around the corner. It was planned that way, and will be true in other sports-oriented communities now springing up around...

December 17, 1962 | Huston Horn
At 41 years of age Charles Wilson Doughtie is an exuberant, cultivated man who has a wife and five children, a protean and spacious zest for living and, for the time being anyway, no job. A year...

December 17, 1962

December 17, 1962 | Mervin Hyman

December 17, 1962
BASKETBALL—NBA: BOSTON won a prestige battle from the Lakers 126-112, as well as two of three other games, to improve its margin in the Eastern Division. But Cincinnati couldn't even win when it...

December 17, 1962
32-37—Steve Schapiro-Black Star47—Hy Peskin52-61—Elliott Erwitt-Magnum58—map by William Bernstein66—John Greensmith, Linck, A.P.

December 17, 1962
Mrs. Dorothy Cheney, a 47-year-old mother of three from Santa Monica, Calif., won the National Hard Court Senior Women's tennis title, her sixth straight win in the tournament. She beat Mrs. Mary...

December 17, 1962
GOPHERS, BADGERS AND RABBITSSirs:I would like to suggest that Gwilym S. Brown remove his head from the sand and start reading some newspapers published west of The Bronx (Two Goofs Kill the...

December 17, 1962
A quiz on the Davis Cup to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of tennis zealots and armchair experts

December 17, 1962 | Joel Sayre
Mother also makes bets—on as spooky a system as ever bewildered a son and bankrupted a bookmaker