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January 07, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 1

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Terry Baker Cover - Sports Illustrated January 07, 1963

January 07, 1963 | Alfred Wright

January 07, 1963 | Alfred Wright

January 07, 1963
In 1962 the races were mainly to the swift—the Yankees, the Celtics, Bill Hartack at the Derby. Often the margin was slim, as when Skipper Bus Mosbacher took 'Weatherly' (left) around the first...

January 07, 1963
The brashest boy on the pro golf tour is Phil Rodgers. Fat, sassy and tough to beat, he is depicted at his supercon-fident—but sometimes lonely—best by Walter Bingham.

January 07, 1963 | Fred R. Smith
A little hit of foresight and a good open fire keep the ski wife out of the kitchen

January 07, 1963

January 07, 1963
•Art Aragon, ex-fighter: "Now that I am a bail bondsman, I make less money but keep more. A fighter should be taxed out of every fight, not at the end of a year. When he gets a couple of $1,000...

January 07, 1963 | Al Molly Jr.
Squash racquets, commonly called squash, is difficult to master but easy to learn, and it offers rare opportunity for exercise and enjoyment to all players right down to the duffer level. On these...

January 07, 1963 | Dan Jenkins
Well-drilled Auburn finally won the Sugar Bowl Tournament, but not before a rangy gang from Houston shook up the South

January 07, 1963 | Robert H. Boyle
Jack Nilon, Sonny's outspoken manager, says the champion hopes to take on Floyd Patterson, whom he'll demolish again. Then it's Ingemar Johansson in June, and maybe even somebody else later in the...

January 07, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
One of the maxims that golf conservatives most honor goes: always use an iron out of the rough. But, quite aside from the fact that it is sometimes wise to gamble, there are many occasions when a...

January 07, 1963 | Dolly Connelly

January 07, 1963
Norman Dyhrenfurth, veteran climber and documentary film authority, leaves next week for Nepal, where, as head of the first American Mt. Everest expedition, he will start the massive (25 tons of...

January 07, 1963 | Frank Deford

January 07, 1963
AUTO RACING—GRAHAM HILL, a placid. 33-year-old Londoner, became the world driving champion by winning the South African Grand Prix in East London, a windswept course that fronts the Indian Ocean....

January 07, 1963
SPORTSMANSirs:Here in Oregon we are extremely proud of our homegrown athletes, especially one Terry Baker. I would like to express thanks for your extreme foresight in naming him "The Best Athlete...

January 07, 1963
Cover—Neal Barr-Feldon16—Richard Meek17—Marshall Lockman-Black Star18, 19—Bob Peterson22, 23—Richard Meek24, 25—Neil Leifer26—Wil Blanche27—Tony Triolo, James Drake28, 29—James Drake, Herb...

January 07, 1963 | Tex Maule