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January 28, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 4

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Howie Young Cover - Sports Illustrated January 28, 1963

January 28, 1963 | Tex Maule
Rumors of betting have led some critics to question the honesty of professional football. But the fault, so far, seems to lie in naiveté rather than in covert finagling

January 28, 1963 | Roy Terrell

January 28, 1963
While Europe shivered, English horse-players suffered. Snow had made a mess of the nation's racetracks, and for a gloomy fortnight they all shut down. But up in dank Doncaster a lively bookie...

January 28, 1963 | Myron Cope

January 28, 1963 | Arlie W. Schardt
Some of the liveliest action in the current hockey season has been provided by the Detroit Red Wings, thanks to a short-circuiting live wire who crackles on the ice like a bolt of winter lightning

January 28, 1963
Scenic Monaco is the focus of a famed European rally. Kenneth Rudeen reports on Ford's first entry there and on two spectacular drivers from Sweden—blonde and feminine.

January 28, 1963
The word was handed down last summer. Wimbledon's old guard had had enough tampering with sacred tradition. No more 18-karat-gold briefs or shocking-pink panties on the courts, they said—all white...

January 28, 1963 | André Fontaine
The tiny sailboats designed to the specifications of the Midget Ocean Racing Club can race with safety on any ocean in the world

January 28, 1963 | Martin Kane
The new rules devised by The Sailfish Club of Florida now put most emphasis on the skill of the angler rather than on his luck and his skipper's moves

January 28, 1963 | Stanley Karnow
Pone Kingpetch wins with assistance from the king and a pig's head

January 28, 1963 | Charles Goren
If your bids and plays are always by the book and "honest," it is unquestionably good for your partnership but it is also easy for your opponents to play their best against you. So, in order to...

January 28, 1963 | Alfred Wright

January 28, 1963

January 28, 1963
•Ernie Banks, Chicago Cub star, denying that he plans to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination for alderman in Chicago: "Politics is a strange business. They try to strike you out...

January 28, 1963
BASKETBALL—The NBA teams could have stayed home this week as far as division standings were concerned. The undisputed leaders, Boston and Los Angeles, maintained a firm grip on first place, and...

January 28, 1963
10—Neil Leifer26—Herb Scharfman35-38—Neal Barr-Feldon42, 43—Frank Zagarino44—AP54—Christa-LIFE, Fred Baumen, A. B. Crank, AP, Kent Stevenson55—UPI57—Edmund Y. lee

January 28, 1963
Dinah Shore, whose southern belle song delivery can be languid as a possum, was all pizzazz as she teamed with Maurice Smith of Palm Springs to win the A flight at the 13th annual Blue Ribbon...

January 28, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
There was more than just a subtle hint of pro basketball's shifting fortunes in Los Angeles' smoggy air when the NBA superstars gathered there last week, for the annual All-Star Game. Everywhere...

January 28, 1963
SPELLBOUNDSirs:After reading Roy Terrell's delightful article about cruising in the Grenadines (Six Characters in Search of Summer, Jan. 21), I seriously question the author's sanity. Why would...