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February 04, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 5

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Valeri Brumel Cover - Sports Illustrated February 04, 1963

February 04, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen

February 04, 1963 | Walter Bingham
Cincinnati slowed down until it nearly expired, and Loyola ran too fast, but the country's two strongest teams stuck with their diverse styles to win the season's best doubleheader

February 04, 1963 | Arthur Zich
Catching codfish in the dank, dark dead of winter may seem to some a dreary way to get away from it all, but the determined party-boat fishermen of Brooklyn think it's pure heaven

February 04, 1963
Slowly turning its back on society and gaining favor with just ordinary rich people, polo is now being played in places where it was never even heard of in the plush days of Meadow Brook and Lake...

February 04, 1963
Junior ski champions are already beginning to sprout from the three-year-old ski racing program started by ex-Olympian Jack Nagel, and the best of them is daughter Cathy.

February 04, 1963 | Jule Campbell
The fashionable trend in head coverings for both men and women these days makes it difficult to tell those who play the game from those who merely cheer on the sidelines

February 04, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
On a hilly course you will frequently be confronted with a full shot that must be hit from a steep, downhill lie. This is a discouraging stroke to face, especially after a good drive, and demands...

February 04, 1963 | Charles Goren
When a player leaps into a slam contract without trying a Blackwood four-no-trump bid to check on partner's aces it most likely means he has a void suit and aces don't really concern him. Against...

February 04, 1963 | Valeri Brumel

February 04, 1963 | Valeri Brumel
Joe Faust, the young Californian who has this year said that he hopes to jump 7 feet 4 or 7 feet 5, is one of several high jumpers who can kick the crossbar of a football goal post, but they all...

February 04, 1963 | William Leggett
Arnold Winick says any reasonably intelligent young man can handle Thoroughbreds. This heresy, coupled with his own success, has not endeared him to some oldtimers

February 04, 1963 | Bil Gilbert
For nearly as long as records have been kept, the compulsion of some men to take, train, dote upon and adore the birds of prey has been recorded. Something—the esthetics or symbolism of a hawk in...

February 04, 1963
BASKETBALL—NBA: This was a week of no change. Unassailable Boston lengthened its lead in the Eastern Division by winning four and losing only one, a 138-133 battle with third-place Cincinnati. New...

February 04, 1963
17—Richard Clarkson39—Neil Leifer40—Novosti Press Agency41—Neil Leifer42—Flip Schulke-Black Star46, 47—Brian Seed, map by William Bernstein55—John and Frank Craighead57—Les Flowers Jr., Ray...

February 04, 1963
Mrs. S. L. Mercer, of West Palm Beach, who caught and released two sailfish totaling 75 pounds in the first hours of the West Palm Beach Sailfish Tournament, happily saw her early success turn out...

February 04, 1963 | Mervin Hyman

February 04, 1963
SHIGA LOVERSSirs:Seldom it is that I take pen in hand to write an opinion on an article. Lee Griggs's article, Banzai Charge to the Top of Old Shiga (Jan. 21), is a masterfully written piece of...

February 04, 1963

February 04, 1963
•Norm Van Brocklin, Minnesota Viking coach, on Alex Karras' admission that he bet on NFL games: "Karras must have been playing without his helmet the last couple of years."

February 04, 1963
Events through April 6

February 04, 1963 | William F. Nolan
Gar Wood always wanted to build and race the fastest powerboats in the world. Finally, when nearing 40, he realized his ambition