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February 11, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 6

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Cathy Nagel Cover - Sports Illustrated February 11, 1963

February 11, 1963

February 11, 1963
•Dan, 9-year-old son of Frank Broyles, Arkansas football coach: "I want to go to Texas if I'm good enough, but if I'm not, I want to play for you, Dad."

February 11, 1963 | Gwilym S. Brown
They weren't really in condition, protested three Russian trackmen, but they jolted U.S. prestige with three brilliant wins

February 11, 1963 | Robert Creamer
When the old pros gathered for the PGA Seniors' championship there was conviviality aplenty, but there was nothing casual about the $30,000 purse or the sprightly golf that won it

February 11, 1963
When a young racer named Jack Nagel, skiing the slalom in the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, went sprawling 150 feet from the finish and a possible gold medal, his mission in life was fixed. "I...

February 11, 1963
A unique swing has enabled 1961 PGA Champion Jerry Barber to develop one of golf's finest short games. Part I of a two-part instructional shows his pitching technique.

February 11, 1963 | Huston Horn
Judging dogs is an art, according to one of the topmost authorities, but conning the judge into picking the wrong dog can be a sort of science

February 11, 1963
The solemn boy at the right is watching a Swedish golf match between Doug Sanders of the U.S. and Scandinavian Champion Arne Werkell at the Halmstad Club in Tylosand. This event, and 10 others...

February 11, 1963 | Walter Bingham

February 11, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
A pregame warmup is important in all sports but possibly more so in golf because the action, undertaken from a stationary position, gives the muscles such a sudden, violent wrench. If you are to...

February 11, 1963 | Whitney Tower
Another Kentucky Derby winner is coming out of California and Rex Ellsworth's stable, say rabid Westerners who backed Swaps

February 11, 1963 | Arthur Zich
Neither calm nor storm could halt the rivalry between two Californians racing each other from one side of Florida to the other

February 11, 1963 | Huston Horn

February 11, 1963 | Mervin Hyman

February 11, 1963
BASKETBALL—NBA: The rout in the West continued as the Los Angeles Lakers stretched their lead to 9½ games over St. Louis. Winning 19 of their last 20, and 42 of their past 50, the Lakers had a...

February 11, 1963
Cover—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette35—Nat Finkelstein58—Jack Ramsdell-St. Petersburg Times76—Pan American World Airways, Minneapolis Star, Ellery G. Kington-Hartford Times, Jim Scott-Berkeley...

February 11, 1963
Gloria Sanchez, a Pan American World Airways stewardess who had never fished before, was surprised when she landed an 81-pound amberjack on 30-pound test line oil Islamorada, Fla., was even more...

February 11, 1963
THE POINTSSirs:I was elated to read Tex Maule's accurate description of the danger which accompanies betting on any athletic contest, whether it be professional or amateur (The Shadow Over Pro...

February 11, 1963 | Stan Fischler
Jean Baptiste Pusie clowned his way into a brief fame as a hockey player. But then the laughs grew hollow