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February 18, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 7

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Jerry Barber Cover - Sports Illustrated February 18, 1963

February 18, 1963 | Roger S. Hewlett
Spectator tennis is sick. Participant tennis is flourishing. But there is ominous news from Australia. In that sports-happy country people are beginning to get tired of both

February 18, 1963
No matter how they slice it, golf for some intrepid enthusiasts is more fun than form. For 50¢ at the Studio City driving range in Los Angeles, Sunday drivers like those shown here can get a...

February 18, 1963 | Robert Cantwell

February 18, 1963 | Coles Phinizy

February 18, 1963
Rex of California, Rex Ellsworth, that is, plans to become king of the U.S. turf, and this is the year he will mount an attack on three fronts with racing's most powerful stable.

February 18, 1963 | Jerry Barber

February 18, 1963 | Jerry Barber
A master of the sand shot, Jerry Barber will explain the basic explosion, how to blast out of a buried lie, how to explode from a downhill lie and how to play that tricky chip shot from a shallow...

February 18, 1963 | Charles Goren
Although there have been a number of worldwide bridge tournaments, beginning with the World Bridge Olympic of 1932 that was organized by Ely Culbertson, the North American Rubber Bridge...

February 18, 1963 | Virginia Kraft
There are probably more quail per acre on the 33,000 acres of the Dixie Plantation at Quitman, Ga. than anywhere else in the south. It is not surprising, then, that one of America's oldest and...

February 18, 1963 | Whitney Tower
Only two in this year's classic crop are now worth talking about, and so far neither has gone to the post

February 18, 1963 | Ernest Shirley
A Hindu who uses a cross-handed grip won the Natal Open and left the racist South African government a little crossed up itself

February 18, 1963 | Tom C. Brody
Moscow, Idaho is proud of its peas, its wheat and its accident rate, but above all it is proud of Gus the Great and the team he plays for Big days in the pea capital

February 18, 1963 | Marvin Weisbord

February 18, 1963 | Mervin Hyman

February 18, 1963
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February 18, 1963
Roberta Alison, a University of Alabama sophomore, is the first to benefit from a rule, known as the Alison amendment, which permits girls to compete on SEC varsity teams. Roberta, who will play...

February 18, 1963
BASKETBALL—NBA: Syracuse, winning all five games, including a 126-109 victory over first-place Boston, has toughened into a strong second-place team in the East, as it showed by beating Detroit...

February 18, 1963
SOVIAUTOMATICSSirs:The "success" story of Valeri Brumel (The Big Jump, Feb. 4) has about all the interest and excitement of a new scientific formula for a sports fan.

February 18, 1963

February 18, 1963
•Frank Howard, Clemson football coach, urging a change of rules to allow one-year scholarships instead of the present four years: "If a high school kid signs a grant-in-aid now, he is in for four...