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March 11, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 10

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Chuck Ferries Cover - Sports Illustrated March 11, 1963

March 11, 1963 | Whitney Tower

March 11, 1963
The main reason for the visit to West Point last week by 98 cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada was a hockey game. The U.S. won 9-4, a setback Canadian Berny Laliberte (left) accepted...

March 11, 1963 | John Underwood

March 11, 1963 | John Underwood

March 11, 1963 | John Underwood

March 11, 1963
Basketball's Hoopla hits its peak at the NCAA championship, where sellout crowds create a background of bedlam for the finals. Color photographs capture all of it.

March 11, 1963 | Roy Terrell

March 11, 1963 | Patricia McCormick
The intense young woman opposite, caparisoned in the severe uniform and the exotic implements of her unusual profession, may well be the greatest woman bullfighter who has ever lived. Not everyone...

March 11, 1963 | Gardner McKay
If you want to know what all this jazz is about piranhas, I'll tell you. You're clearly not with it unless you've at least seen some film on how a school of these fish can reduce a cow to gleaming...

March 11, 1963 | Alice Higgins
The Arabian is now a popular U.S. breed and his own show is a first-rate affair

March 11, 1963 | Charles Goren
Too many bridge plays have formidable names. They sound so erudite that the average man is convinced he could never learn how to use them. Yet most of these maneuvers were originated right at the...

March 11, 1963 | Mickey Herskowitz

March 11, 1963 | Huston Horn

March 11, 1963

March 11, 1963
•Dorothy Albrecht, manager of the Oklahoma swimming team and the first girl in history to manage one of the school's athletic teams: "It's kinda nice having 35 brothers. Boys are fun. I'm getting...

March 11, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
It is almost time for the NCAA championship tournament again, and coaches from Corvallis, Ore. to Durham, N.C. are trying to convince themselves that the name of this event should not be changed...

March 11, 1963
BADMINTON—CANADA defeated the defending champion United States 11-4 in the annual Lapham Cup series, but Doug Brock of Toronto had to fight his way through a tough rive-game match with Larry Sears...

March 11, 1963
Ernie Shay, 86, of Altadena, Calif., who first bowled in 1890, still takes to the lanes each week to represent his Elks team in league competition. He averaged between 198 and 216 for 59 years,...

March 11, 1963
16, 17—Larry Sharkey-Los Angeles Times19, 20—Phil Bath21—Herb Schorfman24—U.P.I., James Drake26—Herb Schorfman, Malcolm Emmons30—Cal Queal-Denver Post48, 49—Gardner McKay62, 63—Robert...

March 11, 1963
FEUD FOR THOUGHTSirs:I would like to compliment William Leggett on his fine article, They Want at Each Other—Bad (Feb. 25). It brought out the tremendous rivalry between the greatest pro ball club...

March 11, 1963 | Mary Ann Gould
An NIT basketball championship quiz to stimulate the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

March 11, 1963 | Mary A. Hancock
Civil War soldiers relaxed between battles with a variety of makeshift games and sports