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March 18, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 11

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated March 18, 1963

March 18, 1963 | Walter Bingham
As Jim Beatty deserted his beloved mile for a longer test, the track season's sensational newcomer, Tom O'Hara, stepped right into the vacant shoes

March 18, 1963 | Duncan Barnes
Compared to banging away at live pigeons, skeet and trap are tame. Especially, addicts of the sport agree, when the 'colombaire' is a maestro named Pepe

March 18, 1963 | Alfred Wright

March 18, 1963
The Liston-Patterson fight is previewed by Robert Boyle. Plus pictures and drawings showing how Liston can be hit and showing exactly how he got to Patterson the last time.

March 18, 1963
For unrelenting excitement, there is little in sport to equal a major college basketball game, with its noisy, partisan crowds which so closely encircle the action on the floor that they...

March 18, 1963 | Bil Gilbert

March 18, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
Every time you play golf you are going to encounter narrow holes, where accuracy off the tee is far more important than distance. Since a dead-straight shot is one of the hardest to hit and a hook...

March 18, 1963 | Charles Goren
When the students of more than 200 colleges competed recently in the National Intercollegiate Bridge Tournament, they met a new set of conditions designed to minimize luck. The tournament is an...

March 18, 1963 | Bert Goldrath
Two jet-propelled outboards climb the shallows and rapids of the Rogue River like a pair of powered salmon

March 18, 1963 | Frank Deford
Many people have called Mike Belkin the greatest, so even he thinks they could be right

March 18, 1963 | John Underwood
In spite of its Friday phobia, things looked bright for Stanford as it came to Los Angeles to clinch the wildest West Coast race in years. Then came two dark days of double trouble

March 18, 1963 | Ed Graham

March 18, 1963 | Mervin Hyman
The NCAA championship tournament was barely under way, but already the portents were bad for the favorites. The first action in the two-week event came at Lubbock, Texas, where a Midwest regional...

March 18, 1963
BASKETBALL—NBA: The game was nearly subordinated to bomb scares, brawls, bad crowds and babies. San Francisco, a real bomb with a 0-4 record, encountered a fake bomb at Baltimore, The scare...

March 18, 1963
15—Gerry Cranham17—Rich Clarkson38, 39—Aubrey Schwartz40—Nicholas Solovioff53—Bert Goldrath57—George Wheeler-Miami Herald64-69—Ed Graham76—AP, Bob Hannah, Clarence B. Garrett-Baltimore Sunpapers,...

March 18, 1963
Otto Barringer, of Everett, Wash., landed a 111-pound, five-foot nine-inch sturgeon in the Snohomish River near his home. Barringer's neighbors were surprised at his rare catch, but Barringer...

March 18, 1963
PANGUITCH PANGSSirs:Thanks for your fine article on the Panguitch, Utah basketball fever (The Only Game in Panguitch, March 4). As one who graduated from high school in neighboring Cedar City, and...

March 18, 1963

March 18, 1963
•Darrell Royal, University of Texas football coach, when three freshmen quit the squad during spring training: "If they don't want to play football, I'd rather they quit now than in front of...

March 18, 1963
Tournaments through June 14

March 18, 1963 | Dave Anderson
Utah surprised everyone in the 1944 NCAA tournament after losing in the first round of the NIT only a week earlier