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April 29, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 17

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Art Mahaffey Cover - Sports Illustrated April 29, 1963

April 29, 1963 | Walter Bingham
Thundering down the main street of Hopkinton, Mass. last week came a herd of runners, the 245 entrants in the Boston Marathon. There were big runners and small runners, young runners and old...

April 29, 1963 | William Leggett

April 29, 1963 | Tex Maule

April 29, 1963
The pleasures of Thoroughbred racing may be had in a variety of settings in this country, from a concrete fortress, as at New York's Aqueduct, to the mountain-backed palm garden of California's...

April 29, 1963
The derby preview evaluates Candy Spots, Never Bend—and No Robbery—while a university professor explains why, win or lose, the mutuels are stacked against the bettor.

April 29, 1963 | Alice Higgins

April 29, 1963 | Whitney Tower
Suddenly the Derby has become a three-horse race, thanks to a nosy, nervous youngster

April 29, 1963 | Charles Goren
Tournament bridge players contend quite rightly that theirs is a game of skill. Toward the close of a major team championship, however, when only the most skillful have survived, the lucky bounce...

April 29, 1963 | Rex MacLeod
Postseason play for the Stanley Cup can bring suspense and upsets, but this year all it proved was that the champions were really champion

April 29, 1963 | Frank Deford
Tony Roche is only 17 and fresh off the farm, but already he has the faraway look of Lew Hoad and a nearly complete bag of tennis tricks

April 29, 1963 | Joe David Brown

April 29, 1963 | Herman Weiskopf
AMERICAN LEAGUEIf nothing else, Minnesota learned a good deal about anatomy. There were graphic lessons on the human knee, jaw, hip, eyes and back. A period of convalescence—perhaps as long as a...

April 29, 1963
BASKETBALL—The BOSTON CELTICS won their crucial fourth game from Los Angeles 108-105, moved ahead 3-1 and back to Boston, with Coach Red Auerbach full of confidence. "We've never lost three games...

April 29, 1963
25—Neil Leifer, UPI26—AP, Las Vegas Review Journal29-32—John Lewis Stage-Lensgroup34-40—drawings by John Everds44—map by William Bernstein51—UPI52—Horst Ehricht58-61—Shel Hershorn-Black...

April 29, 1963
Wayne Breck, Phoenix insurance man, speaks seven languages but could find words in none after winning the 46th Southwestern Golf Association championship. To win, Wayne had to beat former Arizona...

April 29, 1963
MASTER JACKSirs:I think Alfred Wright has lost his head over Young Jack the Mighty Master (April 15).

April 29, 1963

April 29, 1963
•Ralph Houk, Yankee manager, on the Kansas City Athletics' new green-and-gold uniforms: "It kind of makes them look like grasshoppers."

April 29, 1963
Eastern events through June 16

April 29, 1963 | Parke Cummings
In one of those generalities dismal enough to be true we are often told that to become a champion in certain sports it is important to get off to an early start. The generalizers argue that as the...