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May 06, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 18

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Candy Spots Cover - Sports Illustrated May 06, 1963

May 06, 1963

May 06, 1963
•John Sudderth, chairman of New Mexico's highway commission, objecting to a suggestion that Interstate Highway 25 be routed past the Belen High stadium: "Nobody would watch the football field if...

May 06, 1963 | Whitney Tower
Unbeaten and heavily favored, Candy Spots of California comes to the Kentucky Derby all set to make his owner No. 1 in U.S. racing. But a couple of eastern colts are intent on spoiling the grand...

May 06, 1963 | Arthur Zich
The tempers of those he left behind were roiled as Odell Lewis (below) won 'the most rugged race in the world' in record time, but the ocean stretching between Miami and Nassau was once again...

May 06, 1963 | Tex Maule
A student at UCLA from Formosa, C. K. Yang last Sunday broke Rafer Johnson's old record in the toughest event in all of sport—the decathlon

May 06, 1963
Skill counts more than beauty in athletics, but both qualities are happily combined in the women's U.S. gymnastic team. Its young members, now competing in the Pan American Games in Brazil, also...

May 06, 1963
Champagne and cigars are two things Charlie Mills dearly loves. Another is the trotting horse; he has trained and then driven more of them to victory than anybody else.

May 06, 1963 | Dr. Albert Hammond

May 06, 1963 | Dr. Albert Hammond
PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTSSenate leaders proposing 42 more racing days: governor leaning toward increase in state cut at fair meetings.

May 06, 1963 | Jo Ahern Zill
Two sportswear designers, Ellen Brooke and Rudi Gernreich, share the 1963 Sporting Look Award, and Bonnie Cashin returns—now as Designer of the Year

May 06, 1963 | William Leggett
Age was supposed to slow Boston, but not even an injury to a famous ankle could keep the champs from another NBA title

May 06, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
When confronted with a long-iron approach shot that must clear bunkers or hazards directly in front of the green, the majority of golfers will drill away with all they've got and hope for the...

May 06, 1963 | Robert Creamer
Some say that rooting for the Mets is a fad. Others argue that anyone who can stand watching baseball in the Polo Grounds must be sincere

May 06, 1963 | Charles Goren
Bridge players will go to a great deal of trouble to learn the variations of bidding systems and fancy coups, but all too few of them are willing to apply just a little bit of that time and effort...

May 06, 1963 | Bill Mauldin

May 06, 1963
AMERICAN LEAGUEThe new motto of Washington Manager Mickey Vernon is "Let sleeping pitchers lie." Tom Cheney, Player of the Week, has long been a victim of jangled nerves and poor control. Last...

May 06, 1963
18, 19—Herb Scharfman, Russell Lee21—Bud Kamenish34—AP (2), Honson Carroll-LIFE, Ellis Malashuk-Sunpapers, Leonard McCombe-LIFE, Bob Towers, Ralph Crane-LIFE35—Lou Gunkel, Evon Streetman, Joe...

May 06, 1963
Stephen Bell, 9½, carried on a family tradition by serving as crew for Arthur Knapp Jr., 56, who won the Larchmont Yacht Club Dinghy Championship. Knapp won the same championship 21 years ago with...

May 06, 1963
BASKETBALL—"It was great winning this series because everybody had counted us out as a bunch of old men," said beaming Coach Red Auerbach, 45, alter his BOSTON CELTICS won their fifth straight NBA...

May 06, 1963
SECOND GUESSESSirs:I want to add my two cents' worth to the current National League balk controversy, which is excellently covered in your recent article, Just a Second (April 22).

May 06, 1963 | Jule Campbell
Because sportsmen like to wear "sweat"or crew socks for almost everything, these once-humble garments have traveled a long way from the locker room. For the tender-footed sportsman of the Western...

May 06, 1963 | George Weller
A noted news correspondent, fresh from a daring athletic triumph, encounters perhaps the world's meanest bartender