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June 03, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 22

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Bob Hope Cover - Sports Illustrated June 03, 1963

June 03, 1963

June 03, 1963
•Joey Jay, Cincinnati pitcher, after winning his first game of the season and after nine straight losses over two seasons: "My wife says it was like waiting for a baby."

June 03, 1963 | William Leggett

June 03, 1963 | Ernest Havemann

June 03, 1963 | Ernest Havemann
Ernest Havemann, the best-known freelance writer in the country, and a golfer, racehorse owner and all-round sportsman as well, has been assisting Arnold Palmer with a series of articles on his...

June 03, 1963 | Ernest Havemann
While Palmer was resting last week, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED asked some of his fellow professionals what changes they saw in his game and whether they thought he could come back strong. Here are their...

June 03, 1963 | Tex Maule
To beat Peter Snell, Coach Mihaly Igloi devised a four-man racing machine. But he was up against a miler who liked to race men—not stopwatches

June 03, 1963
The new "500," replete with Grand Prix drivers and rear-engined racers, should be the fastest ever. Kenneth Rudeen reports from Indianapolis on America's premier auto event.

June 03, 1963 | Sargent Shriver
The director of the Peace Corps and brother-in-law of President Kennedy, stirred by a Sports Illustrated article defining the true threat to sport, cites the achievements of a notable group of...

June 03, 1963 | Gwilym S. Brown
Partially obscured by the prosperous clamor that emanates from the men's professional golf tour is the significant fact that the ladies of pro golf are enjoying a newfound success of their own....

June 03, 1963 | Virginia Bennett Moore
The eel languishes on the muddy bottom of man's regard, but he is really a personable fellow once you get to know and understand him—an invitation to the angler and a delight to the palate

June 03, 1963 | George O'Brien
Neither sun nor sand nor even mildew can mar the beauty or diminish the durability of new decorating materials designed for life by the sea

June 03, 1963 | Tom C. Brody
After nearly two decades of comedy and chaos, a coach with no sense of humor has persuaded Columbia's oarsmen that rowing is much more fun when you finish first

June 03, 1963 | Henry Longhurst
The British were dancing at the prospect of a Walker Cup victory, but a U.S. comeback on Saturday kept an old story from getting a new twist

June 03, 1963 | Robert Creamer
A Thomas Edison complex has led to fun, profit and coaching success for Florida State's Danny Litwhiler

June 03, 1963 | Jack Olsen

June 03, 1963
It has not quite reached that point yet, but if Cal McLish continues pitching as well as he has recently, Philadelphia Manager Gene Mauch may inquire: "Do you feel weak enough to pitch today?"...

June 03, 1963
BASEBALL—In a straight player deal JERRY LYNCH, whose pinch-hitting prowess helped the Cincinnati Reds to a 1961 pennant and coined the phrase "Lynch in the Pinch," was traded to the Pittsburgh...

June 03, 1963
Dorothy B. Haughton, wife of famed Harness Driver Billy Haughton, won a race of her own with Thoroughbred Fast Date at Aqueduct. Nine hours later her husband brought more honors to the family by...

June 03, 1963
18, 19—Walter Iooss Jr. (2), Jack Sheedy and George Long20—permission of New York Herald Tribune31—Dick Darcey40—map by William Bernstein50—Walter Iooss Jr.56—Dick Parks64, 65—Phil Bath67—Allan...

June 03, 1963
THE CRISISSirs:Congratulations to John Underwood, for his excellent, penetrating analysis of The True Crisis (May 20) confronting the American sports scene. Such articles as this are necessary to...

June 03, 1963 | Rusty Cowan
An 11-year-old girl named Alma Sheppard set a harness horse record 26 years ago that has never been equaled