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June 10, 1963 | Volume 18, Issue 23

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Cassius Clay Cover - Sports Illustrated June 10, 1963

June 10, 1963

June 10, 1963
•Gordon Van Liew, orange-juice tycoon, whose car finished 11th at Indianapolis: "We haven't won a race in two years, but we haven't lost a party."

June 10, 1963
Martial music heralded an invasion of Britain last week. When the sound of trumpets turned out to be boxing's brash young man blowing his own horn, staid old London shuddered and dug in

June 10, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen

June 10, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen
As a grinning Parnelli Jones rolls into Victory Lane at the end of the "500," his racer bears unmistakable evidence of the oil leak that has caused furious controversy. The near side of the car is...

June 10, 1963
Jack Nicklaus, the defending champion, presents his own analysis of The Country Club and tells why the course will make some unique demands on pros in the coming U.S. Open.

June 10, 1963 | Gerald Holland

June 10, 1963
To an oarsman a cadence is a series of practice strokes taken at a gradually increased beat. To a layman the word suggests rather the flow and rhythm of a sport unsurpassed in beauty. The...

June 10, 1963 | Whitney Tower
None of the 3-year-olds in the Belmont has yet raced 12 furlongs; the winner can claim class championship

June 10, 1963 | Virginia Kraft
An informal kind of field trial gives family-bred retrievers a fine chance to enjoy themselves

June 10, 1963 | Jack Nicklaus
There are two essential things to remember when hitting from a sidehill lie where the ball is higher than the feet. The first, which is obvious but surprisingly easy to forget, is that you must...

June 10, 1963 | Bill Surface
They were going to grow corn on the course in Bardstown, Ky. until Charlie and his pals founded golf's most spirited tournament. Now 400 happily tee off each year with nothing to lose but booze

June 10, 1963 | Charles Goren
Five straight times the world bridge championship has been won by Italy's famed and fancy-bidding Blue Team. Now three teams, the U.S., France and Argentina, are off to St. Vincent, Italy to see...

June 10, 1963 | Robert Creamer
Among weak-hitting pitchers the greatest is Bob Buhl, who not only can't hit his weight but once didn't hit his hat size

June 10, 1963 | Tom Mayer
A Harvard sophomore, who has given up rowing to concentrate on writing, tells how it was when his crew went to Ithaca by bus to race against Cornell's lightweights in '62

June 10, 1963

June 10, 1963
BASEBALL—At week's end the lineup for the NCAA World Series in Omaha was almost complete with only the Missouri-St. Louis games still to be played. The other positions were filled when WESTERN...

June 10, 1963
Cover—Neal Barr-Feldon and Larry Burrows-LIFE19—London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade20-22—Steve Schapiro-Black Star23—Brian Seed24, 25—Brian Seed (2), Associated Newspapers28—Neil...

June 10, 1963
Linda Fitzpatrick, 11, of Newmarket showed that girls can play boys' games even in staid England. Playing center forward against all-male rivals on her primary school's football (soccer) team, she...

June 10, 1963
ROAD TO THE TRACKSirs:I thought that I was finally going to see a good article in your magazine about the great veterans of the "500," such as Rodger Ward, A. J. Foyt and Jim Rathmann, instead of...

June 10, 1963 | Harold Rosenthal
A remarkable record was set in the major leagues 39 years ago. It has never been surpassed