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July 08, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 2

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John Tarantino Cover - Sports Illustrated July 08, 1963

July 08, 1963
Although Mickey Mantle is out of action for at least two more weeks, the hitting of Roger Maris keeps the Yankees from tumbling out of the American League lead

July 08, 1963 | Paul Ress
Two determined women from opposite sides of the world claim to be the fastest of friends—but they are more concerned with attempting to grab from each other the title of fastest woman flyer

July 08, 1963 | Walter Bingham
Even the memory of his earlier days as the world's most exciting tennis player seemed remote as aging Pancho Gonzalez made a pathetic bid to come back

July 08, 1963 | Robert H. Boyle

July 08, 1963
Arnold Palmer begins an exclusive five-part series that shows how his unique concepts of the game can be used by all players to improve their golfing pleasure and proficiency.

July 08, 1963 | Rex Lardner

July 08, 1963 | Dan Jenkins
The best college football players of last year shuffled off to touchdowns in Buffalo before a critical audience

July 08, 1963 | Robert Creamer
In St. Louis the relentless march of progress has doomed one of baseball's landmarks—and not everyone seems to be overjoyed

July 08, 1963 | Hugh Whall
While the East Coast sweltered and a fleet of 85 boats searched in vain for a breeze, three others—'Jubilee,' 'Challenge' and the yawl shown above-sailed a race from Annapolis to Newport in their...

July 08, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen
The world's first synthetic racetrack has won quick approval from most trotting horsemen, who feel that it will eliminate the problems caused by mud and frost

July 08, 1963 | Dolly Connelly

July 08, 1963

July 08, 1963
•Jim Umbricht, Houston Colt pitcher, after his team had scored one run in 66 innings: "I have to pitch tonight. We drew straws and I got the short one."

July 08, 1963
He has fast feet, long fingers, wears glasses and has thoughts of someday being a bookkeeper. But right now Julian Javier is the second baseman for St. Louis. It might be that he is a trifle...

July 08, 1963
BOATING—Sailing close to the rhumb line, Clayton Ewing's DYNA caught a private breeze and coasted to victory in an Annapolis-Newport race that had hung all 88 yachts in a limbo of glassy calm (see...

July 08, 1963
16—Jacques Guittet, Gordon Chittenden-LIFE18, 19—Hans Knopf-Pix25—reprinted by permission of Ham Fisher, courtesy McNaught Syndicate, Inc.40—Jim Harlan-Louisville Courier-Journal43—Bob Peterson44,...

July 08, 1963
J. Owen Huntsman, coach at Wabash College, Ind., produces not only unbeatable teams but unbeatable coaches. Huntsman's cross-country team was undefeated last season as were the teams of both of...

July 08, 1963
PENNANTITISSirs:It appears to me that William Leggett, author of Bill Dailey, Wont You Please Come In (July 1), is suffering from an acute attack of the disease, common to non-Yankee fans, known...