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July 15, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 3

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Arnold Palmer Cover - Sports Illustrated July 15, 1963

July 15, 1963 | John Lovesey
In the dead-white world of Wimbledon, the flamboyant play of two young Americans produced all the color and excitement that this ancient queen of tennis tournaments could jolly well stand

July 15, 1963 | Peggy Downey
A 20-year-old professional putter shoots 100 holes in one to win a $50,000 tournament at a shopping center

July 15, 1963
Until recently, Senator Barry Goldwater (R., Ariz.) was on record as an enthusiastic fisherman who stumped for the superiority of the wild rivers of the West as the best source of fighting...

July 15, 1963 | Gerald Holland

July 15, 1963 | Arnold Palmer

July 15, 1963 | Arnold Palmer
Palmer assails the idea that the swing is difficult and explains his own easy methods.

July 15, 1963 | Arnold Palmer
The game is more than swings and. scores. It is pleasing postures and graceful maneuvers repeated again and again in a ritual that excites the senses. At right: the silent, magic moment as a ball...

July 15, 1963
Our fightight preview shows why Sonny Liston is the heavy favorite. But drawings based on the Chicago fight photographs reveal a strategy that could win for Floyd Patterson.

July 15, 1963 | M. R. Werner
Two slow starts and one very fast filly highlight eight weeks of following the world's big races

July 15, 1963 | Charles Goren
A standard phenomenon of every bridge tournament is a pair of what the experts refer to as "little old ladies." They frequently are neither little nor old and do not always behave like ladies. But...

July 15, 1963 | Robert Creamer
Just as the White Sox said, the key player in last winter's biggest trade has turned out to be a chunky, restless rookie named Pete Ward

July 15, 1963 | Hugh Whall
In his attempt to win still another racing trophy, defeated Champ Bill Muncey was frustrated by a wall of water and an oilman's boat

July 15, 1963 | John Underwood
Miami, Fla. is a sandspit eight feet high surrounded on three sides by an ocean, a swamp and Fidel Castro and on the north by envious people. O. Henry once said that Californians are a race. Miami...

July 15, 1963

July 15, 1963
BOATING—Strung out across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were 46 of the world's finest ocean racing crafts. Spread along the 2,225-mile downhill run to HONOLULU were 32 yachts, ranging from the...

July 15, 1963
21—Steve Schapiro-Black Star28—drawing by Francis Golden48—Fred Kaplan52—Neil Leifer66—Tony Triolo, Keystone

July 15, 1963
Dicksie Ann Hoyt, 17, tan and trim, water-skied through arctic temperatures in the slalom and tricks events at Pine Mountain, Ga., then jumped an incredible 85 feet for a perfect score of 4,000 to...

July 15, 1963
NO SPITTINGSirs:As a fan who has watched and followed big league baseball for almost 60 years, I am amazed at the general ignorance of everyone concerned on the subject of the spitball. There...

July 15, 1963

July 15, 1963
•Bobby Bragan, Milwaukee manager on Catcher Joe Torre: "I can't under stand why he hasn't been nicknamed 'Chicken.' Don't you get it? Chicken Catcher Torre."

July 15, 1963
Events through July

July 15, 1963 | Harold Rosenthal
A remarkable record was set in the major leagues 39 years ago. It has never been surpassed