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July 29, 1963 | Volume 19, Issue 5

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Sonny Liston Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1963

July 29, 1963 | Robert H. Boyle

July 29, 1963 | Alfred Wright
While the rest of the field fried, Jack Nicklaus coolly muscled his way to the PGA title in Dallas

So said the Russians of a U.S. track team that arrived in Moscow full of boastful confidence and left two days later with a skinny victory in the closest meet yet

July 29, 1963 | Jack Olsen

July 29, 1963 | Arnold Palmer

July 29, 1963
Significant sequels will provide a colorful reexamination of the big fight in Las Vegas and an analysis by Jack Nicklaus of his own victory in the PGA tournament at Dallas.

July 29, 1963
The exacting sport of springboard diving is pure art, a pursuit of beauty for its own sake. An eye-catching dive such as Nancy Poulsen of Phoenix, Ariz, performs on the opposite page is, in the...

July 29, 1963 | Fred R. Smith
Out of cedar shingles, glass, sunlight and very little money, Andrew Geller creates his antic summer houses for people escaping the compartmented world of Manhattan

July 29, 1963 | Charles Goren
Whenever the Italian team wins the world contract bridgechampionship as it did last month and five straight times before that, there is an uproar about the superiority of their highly artificial...

July 29, 1963 | Coles Phinizy
It looks like a bathtub and it is not much good for catching whales, but if you want a boat for any other reason—fishing or water skiing or scuba diving or even commuting—the no-nonsense Boston...

July 29, 1963 | Duncan Barnes
Scuba divers assume that the air they get in their tanks is pure, but the assumption could be fatal

July 29, 1963 | Robert Creamer
On a sultry summer evening, conversation in the dugout turns to the current controversy over beanings, a rookie first baseman's costly mistakes and an umpire's pride in his profession

July 29, 1963 | Kenneth Rudeen

July 29, 1963

July 29, 1963
BOATING—Skippered by Robert F. Johnson, Ticonderoga was first to finish in the 23rd Transpacific Race, followed by Audacious, but when the time corrections were made, Tim Moseley's cutter Orient...

July 29, 1963
16, 17—Shel Hershorn-Black Star33-35—Tony Triolo36—Coles Phinizy53—Neils Lauritzen65—Bill Goodwin, Jack Moore—LIFE, Aberdeen American News, Clarence B. Garrett-Baltimore Sunpapers, John Titchen

July 29, 1963
Diana Archer, 17, of Houston, justified her parents' choice of names by handling a bow and arrow with the skill of her ancient Greek namesake, the huntress Diana, to win the intermediate girls'...

July 29, 1963
SAY HEY?Sirs:I had intended to write immediately after noticing your omission of Willie Mays in the National League All-Star lineup (SI, July 1). Then I figured you would receive so many letters,...

July 29, 1963

July 29, 1963
•Mickey Mantle, injured Yankee, after batting practice at the Minnesota Twins' Metropolitan Stadium: "This is the greatest home-run stadium I've ever seen. If this were my home park I'd hit 90...